Revitalize your skin by using bamboo charcoal soap

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Published on July 11, 2014

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Revitalize your skin by using bamboo charcoal soap: Revitalize your skin by using bamboo charcoal soap Bamboo charcoal also known as “Black Diamond” has historical relevance in China as early as 1486 AD during the Ming Dynasty. The bamboo charcoal is made from the pieces of bamboo that are taken from the plants that are five years or older and are then burned inside an oven at temperatures over 120ºC. This process is usually known as Pyrolysis process the bamboo charcoal is also well known for its high porosity as various impurities or foreign matters are absorbed over the wide surface area of the charcoal. The bamboo charcoal is also said to have medicinal properties with different chemical compounds that are capable of treating various skin related diseases and medical conditions.   The basic ingredients of bamboo charcoal soap are the bamboo charcoal, which naturally have deep cleansing and exfoliating factors that helps in drawing out toxins and removing dirt from the skin and unclogs the skin pores. The bamboo charcoal soap is porous four times more than wood charcoal soaps and unlike normal soaps that only clean upper surface of the skin. This soap is able to free up a lot of dirt that clogs the skin and is quite effective in dealing with various skin diseases like eczema, acne, pimples, psoriasis and dry skin conditions etc. Bamboo charcoal as such forms one of the principle ingredients in the process of manufacture of these soaps. PowerPoint Presentation: The bamboo charcoal soap lasts longer than the ordinary soaps, but do have a slight charcoal scent and it does have a dark grey color when the user washes with it. However, the color does washes off easily with water. The soap did not stain the skin, clothes or the bathroom tiles or bathtub. In addition to bamboo charcoal, the other ingredients that are used in the manufacturing process of this soap include vegetable oil, glycerin and water. There are no dyes or chemicals used in this process of manufacturing this soap. Manufacturers of these soaps usually do not conduct any animal testing before launching their product into the market.   The long-term usage of bamboo charcoal soap result in the skin becoming smoother and clear that enables the skins to be naturally moisturized. The activated bamboo charcoal used in this soap enables it to dig deep into the skin to get the dirt from the pores out without harming the skin. The use of this soap does not pollute the water sources, as bamboo charcoal is known to purify water by absorbing the residual chlorine due to natural chemicals present in it such as acetic acid and ethyl ether that has sterilizing and antiseptic properties. The dead skin cells are well washed off by this soap. These soaps come in black and white color, as dyes are not used for making these soaps. The bamboo charcoal soap is handmade and manufacturers of this soap mostly use the cold process method of production where oils are heated just to the melting temperature and are mixed with an alkali to create saponification. This material is then poured into molds, cut and cooled off and then cured for approximately four to five weeks and then packaged as a final product for marketing.

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