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Published on July 20, 2014

Author: dollyharshananda

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QUELLING THERAPY: QUELLING THERAPY R.Harshananda M.Pharmacy 1st yr (Pharmacology) G.PullaReddy College of Pharmacy CONTENTS: CONTENTS Introduction Pathway Applications Methods for Delivery Comparison of RNAi with Traditional and Pharmaceutical drugs Clinical trials for RNA therapy Introduction: Introduction Referred as : Post Transcriptional Gene Silencing, Co-suppression RNA interference Natural cellular process Regulates Gene Expression and provides an innate defense mechanism Andrew Fire and Craig.C.Mello shared noble prize for their work on RNA interference PowerPoint Presentation: RNAs are the direct products of genes and small RNAs can bind to other specific messenger RNA molecule and either increase or decrease their activity. We can design small RNAs or vectors encoding them to target virtually any gene of interest. There are two types of small RNAs invoved in gene silencing : small interfering RNA micro RNA. PowerPoint Presentation: RNAi therapy Traditional & Pharmaceutical Drugs Antagonist only Antagonist or Agonist of Targets All targets including non- druggable Extracellular targets High selectivity and potency High selectivity and potency High specificity Low specificity Rapid lead identification and optimization Slow lead identification and optimization Easy to synthesize and manufacture Difficult to synthesize and manufacture PowerPoint Presentation: Clinical setting Drug Indications Target Ocular &Retinal Disorders SYL040012 Glaucoma β 2 Adrenergic receptors Bevasranib Diabetic Macular Oedema VEGF Cancer ALN-PLK1 Liver tumours Furin ALN-VSP02 Solid tumours BCL-2 Kidney disorders QPI-1002/15NP Acute kidney injury p53 Delayed graft function kidney transplant LDL lowering TKM-APOB Hypercholestermia APO-B Anti-Viral SPC3649 Hepatitis C virus miR122 PHIV7-shl-TAR-CCR5RZ HIV HIV TAT protein, HIV TAR RNA, Hman CCR5 References: References Advanced information on The Nobel Prize in Physiology;Nobelforsamlingen:RNAinterference ; 1-10 Current prospectsfor RNA interference based therapies; nature reviews: 329-340. en. Wikipedia.org/wiki/ RNAinterference . www.ncbi.nim.nih.gov.>ProbeDB

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