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Published on December 13, 2009

Author: steve_perry



Rocket Power : Rocket Power Finding Velocity and Acceleration at the speed of rockets What is a Rocket? : What is a Rocket? A rocket is a vehicle which has the capability to carry a payload (amount of weight) into space. Model rockets are a scaled down version of real rockets that power into space To make a rocket at home from a 2 liter bottle check out Rocket Motors vs Rocket Engines : Rocket Motors vs Rocket Engines Both devices create the thrust (force) to lift the rocket off the ground (into space). Motors – A simple device used to convert stored propellant (fuel) into hot gases to produce thrust (solid propellants). Engines – A complicated machine with moving parts to convert stored propellant (fuel) into hot gases to produce thrust (Liquid propellants). Types of Rockets : Types of Rockets Solid Fuel Rockets These rockets use a dry mixed propellant Mixture of fuel and oxidizer Most common in model rockets Liquid Fuel Rockets These rockets use a liquid propellant stored in separate containers Fuel Oxidizer Personalities of Rocketry : Personalities of Rocketry Chinese – Discovered a simple form of rockets made out of bamboo. They then used them to fire arrows at their enemies Mongols – The enemy of the Chinese and responsible for spreading rocketry to the Western (European) world Johann Schmidlap – designed the first multistage rockets to power higher fireworks into the sky Kronstantin Tsiolkovsky – Father of Modern Astronomics; had the first idea to use liquid propellants Formulas to know : Formulas to know Velocity V=D/T V=Velocity, D=Distance traveled, & T=Time Acceleration A=F/M A=Acceleration, F=Force (Thrust), & M=Mass Questions to answer about rockets? : Questions to answer about rockets? What is thrust? What is the formula to find acceleration? What is a rocket? Who first used rockets in war? What is the formula to find velocity? What type of rocket thrust creating device uses solid propellants? Math & Science Standards : Math & Science Standards Math: Algebra 5 Science Physics 1.a Physics 1.b Physics 1.c Resources : Resources NASA for educators:

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