Role of Microscope in Image Analysis

Information about Role of Microscope in Image Analysis

Published on July 17, 2014

Author: adamnickson



PowerPoint Presentation: Role Of Microscope In Image Analysis PowerPoint Presentation: Microscopes are used to find the details about the cell. Normally these details cannot be seen through the normal resolution of eye. Many researchers in medical field considered microscope as a “Magic Instrument”. Dangerous diseases can be found with the help of microscopes. PowerPoint Presentation: Types Of Microscopes PowerPoint Presentation: Electron microscopes 1. Scanning electron microscope 2. Transmission electron microscope 3. Reflection electron microscope Light microscopes PowerPoint Presentation: Parts Of Microscopes PowerPoint Presentation: I mage analysis microscopy is considered as a difficult process because it required great effort. Image Pro Plus is a image analysis software used to analyzing images the obtained from microscopes. Image Pro Plus has customization tools and options. This software is open source and not require any technical knowledge. PowerPoint Presentation: High quality microscopes are required for image analysis. Meyer Instruments is an independent microscope dealers who specialises in digital imaging system for microscopy.

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