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Published on August 5, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: Significance of S piritual Kalaa in our Life Discussion by Devendra Jha What We Hear from Elders: What We Hear from Elders “ Aham Brahmasmi ” or “ Shivoham ” means I am Brahma or God or Lord Shiva “ Tattwamasi ” means “There is a supreme power that creates, nourishes and destroys the universe and you are that. You are not perishable body but you are indestructible soul. What Do We Actually Feel: What Do We Actually Feel As Per Elders As We Perceive We have infinite power – both mental & Physical We have limited power We can do anything. There are too many things we are not able to do. We know everything. There are very few things that we know. What Should We Conclude? : What Should We Conclude? The “Described Self” is different from the “Perceived Self”. Generally, people go with the “Perceived Self” and ignores the contents of the “Described Self”. When faced with extremely difficult situation, people try to turn towards the “Described Self” as their present belief system is not able to pull them out of crisis. In Crisis Only He Looks Up…: In Crisis Only He Looks Up… What Should We Conclude? : What Should We Conclude? If they get some solution by changing their belief system, they start believing in the contents of the “Described Self”. This becomes the starting point. Since the contents of the “Described Self” and the attributes of the “perceived Self” have immense gap, he choses to work towards minimizing the gap. What Should We Conclude? : What Should We Conclude? So, the “Described Self” needs to be attained and as we start moving ahead, we start discarding the notions of the “Perceived Self” one by one. This journey will be well directed if we first try to understand self and the universe. So, let us first discuss about the constituents of creation. PowerPoint Presentation: Creation Constituents Scientific Approach E = m C 2 Where E = Energy m = Mass C = Velocity of light When any object attains the speed equal to or more than the speed of light, its mass gets converted into energy. Similarly, energy can also get converted into mass if speed is changed but this is still beyond the reach of science. Spirituality begins from here…… and the end of it is beyond imagination…. PowerPoint Presentation: Creation Constituents In Spiritual World, E = Energy = Atma = God in abstract form m = mass = God in gross form called as “Maya” or “Manifesting Force” C = speed of light = Kalaa = Domain potency Since Energy is present everywhere in varied form, its sum total is infinite and it is capable of doing anything; it is abstract form of God as it meets all the three criteria — omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. Mass or Manifesting Force or Maya is also infinite and hence it is gross form of God PowerPoint Presentation: Creation Constituents Speed or Kalaa or Domain potency can vary from zero to infinity. Hence this is also part of God which He gives to or withdraws from the created entity. God ,therefore, exists in visible (Maya), invisible but perceptible (Energy), and invisible & imperceptible ( Kalaa ) forms. The concept of imperishable God and perishable Maya has continued to remain in our life, but the concept of Kalaa has somehow vanished. PowerPoint Presentation: Creation Constituents God as per Vedas Poornamadah Poornamidam Poornaat Poornamduchyate , Poornasya Poornamaaday Poornamevavashishyate Meaning When He is in Living form, He is infinite. When He is in Non-Living form, He is infinite. If Infinity is deducted from the Infinity, what remains is also Infinity. PowerPoint Presentation: Creation Constituents This can be expressed in equation form as under:- ∞ = ∞ + ∞ + ∞ + ∞ ……. ∞ - ∞ - ∞ - ∞ ……. = ∞ The modern science calls the second equation as Indeterminate but Not Infinity. This explains the limitation of science. PowerPoint Presentation: Creation Constituents From the above, we can conclude that whatever existed in the past or exists at present or may exist in future is various forms of God only. Hence, there is nothing without God and there is nothing beyond God. Without agreeing the above, there is no way that one can prove God to be “Omnipresent”. Anything which has shape is finite and anything which is finite can be destroyed. Anything which can be destroyed cannot be God. Hence, God cannot have shape. This conclusion is wrong as when God takes shape, He remains present in shapeless form also. So, He simply poses as finite but remains infinite. PowerPoint Presentation: Creation Composition Explanation Dormant Soul God in Potential Energy form Invisible world. Soul is not taking part in Leela Active Soul Kinetic Energy = Energy + Kalaa Invisible world. Soul is taking part in Leela Non-Living World Active Soul + Gross form of God (Maya) with One Kalaa Visible world. Justifies God’s omnipresence Living World Active Soul + Gross form of God (Maya) with more than One Kalaa Visible world. God is the real Doer Creation Constituents PowerPoint Presentation: Classification of Animals based on Kalaa No. of Kalaa Name of Animal Example Merits 1 Uni-domained Animal Stone, Metal, Earth Shape 2 Bi-domained Animal Trees, Plants, Shrubs + growth 3 Tri-domained Animal Animal kingdom + mobility + brain 4 Quadri-domained Animal Man + Vivek PowerPoint Presentation: Difference between Man & Animal vkgkj funzk Hk; eSFkqua p leku esrr~ I k’kqfHk% ujk.kke~A ,dks foosdLRo vf/kdks euq ";s foosdghuk I k’kqfHk% lekuk%AA PowerPoint Presentation: The Essence of Clippings Water (a non-living entity) is also in divine living form named & worshipped as Devi Ganga. The curse can be true only if the soul of Ahilya remained in the stone. This proves that even stones or other non-living objects are possessed with soul. The curse took away all the Kalaas except one, so Ahilya got converted into stone. Similarly, the sacred touch of Lord’s feet gave back those Kalaas , so the stone got converted back to human form. When God appeared from the within of a stone pillar, the great devotee Prahlaad proved to his father that God is present even in the stone. PowerPoint Presentation: Our Worshipping Pattern We worship God when He appears with only one Kalaa --- in the form of stone, soil etc. We adore Him even when He manifests in these lowest forms. Similarly, we worship Him when He manifests with two Kalaas in the form of plants--- Tulsi , Banyan, Peepal etc. We further worship Him when He manifests with three Kalaas ---- cow, ox, elephant etc So, our worshipping pattern displays God in everything. If God is there in everything, can anything be without soul? PowerPoint Presentation: Classification of Animals based on Kalaa No. of Kalaa Name of Animal Example 1 Uni-domained Animal Stone, Metal, Earth 2 Bi-domained Animal Trees, Plants, Shrubs 3 Tri-domained Animal Animal kingdom 4 Quadri-domained Animal Man 5 Penta-domained Animal Educated Man 6 Hexa-domained Animal Emotional Man 7 Septa-domained Animal Man seeking Truth PowerPoint Presentation: Classification of Animals based on Kalaa No. of Kalaa Attributes / Potency 1 Shape 2 Shape + Ability to Grow 3 All above + Mobility + Limited use of Brain 4 All above + Use of Brain + Ability to distinguish right from wrong ( Vivek ) 5 All above + Extensive use of Brain 6 All above but extensive use of Heart in place of Brain 7 All above but directing all actions towards truth PowerPoint Presentation: No. of Kalaa Animal Segment Centre Point of Actions Identifies with Follows One Stone, metal, earth Body Body Fact Two Plants, Tress, shrubs Body Body Fact Three Animals, birds Body Body Fact Four Human Being Body Body Fact Five Human Being Brain Body Fact Six Human Being Heart Body Fact Seven Human Being Truth Soul Truth Eight or more Incarnations with special body Truth Soul Truth Kalaa at a Glance PowerPoint Presentation: Fact & Truth Fact : Something that is correct in a given time and space is Fact. Truth : Something that is correct in all time and space is Truth. Examples: “ We are body” is a fact but “We are soul” is the truth . 2. “This is my house” is a fact but “This is a night-shelter given temporarily to me by God” is the truth. PowerPoint Presentation: Difference between Man & God Swami Vivekanad said:- “Man is a circle with infinite radius but centre at a fixed point. God is a circle with infinite radius but centre everywhere.” So to attain godhood, we have to go beyond our body and acquire seventh Kalaa of Truth which is present everywhere. That means we have to expand ourselves. PowerPoint Presentation: What can make us Expand? Swami Vivekanad said:- “All expansion is life and all contraction is death. Love is all expansion and hatred is all contraction. So, Love is life and hatred is death.” This means that all expansion is possible only when we develop immense LOVE for God and also for the entire creation which is the expressed form of God. PowerPoint Presentation: Difference between Love & Attachment When sacrifice has a limit, it is a state of Attachment. This attachment can be for people or possessions or God. When sacrifice is limitless, it becomes true Love. Preparedness or Willingness for limitless sacrifice comes only when we love someone more than ourselves. PowerPoint Presentation: Start of Spiritual Journey The spiritual journey starts when we start replacing facts with truth in our day-today life. Being born as a human being, we have golden opportunity to get liberated from bondage of birth and death. Realising this, one starts making sincere efforts without further loss of time. Slowly and gradually one makes spiritual tasks as first priority. PowerPoint Presentation: What Stops Us…. & How We Can Move On….. Maya infatuates us & finally traps us. Knowing how Maya traps us, we can pave the way for our Liberation. We hanker after objects of pleasure under the impression that we would enjoy these but some one else enjoys these and we simply waste our entire life in such pursuits. Knowing this mystery, we can move on path of Salvation. PowerPoint Presentation: Gita 3 / 27 PowerPoint Presentation: Gita 3 / 28 PowerPoint Presentation: SOUL MAYA GUNAS Enjoys objects Creates Illusion Mind feels it is enjoying Body Action Fields PowerPoint Presentation: Gita 2 / 62 PowerPoint Presentation: Gita 2 / 63 PowerPoint Presentation: Thinking of Maya Kaam Attachment Obstacles Anger Loss of Memory Infatuation Loss of Intellect Disaster How W e Are Trapped PowerPoint Presentation: Thinking of God Sewa Bhava Shradha (Reverence) Obstacles Vishwas (Faith) Aatma Jnana Love for God Brahma Jnana Moksha (Salvation) How W e Can Be Liberated PowerPoint Presentation: Difference Caused by Subject of Thinking Stage Thinking of Maya Thinking of God 1 Attachment Shradha 2 Kaam Sewa Bhava 3 Goal Blockage Goal Blockage 4 Anger Faith 5 Infatuation Bhagawat Prem 6 Smriti Naash Aatma Jnana 7 Buddhi Naash Brahma Jnana 8 Getting Ruined Attains Salvation PowerPoint Presentation: Comparison of Two Journeys In the journey of materialism, one badly wishes to be in taking mode up to Stage 5 and thereafter one gets in to the phases where one keeps on losing things one after the another. In the spiritual journey, we ourselves opt to be in giving mode up to Stage 5 but thereafter God puts us in phases where He starts showering His blessings on us. Stage 5 is a transitional stage in both the journeys . G oal blockage is present in both the journeys. Gita 6.41: Gita 6.41 Gita 6.43: Gita 6.43 The Final Score Card: The Final Score Card Whatever stage is attained in the spiritual journey, the person starts from the same stage in his next birth. So, nothing is lost in spiritualism. Whatever is attained, is attained for ever. In the materialistic journey, one loses all material possessions but carries the good and bad sanskaras which influence his next birth. PowerPoint Presentation: Namaste Salutations! THANKS

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