Ron Eakes College Played A Vital Role In Shaping His Personality

Information about Ron Eakes College Played A Vital Role In Shaping His Personality

Published on July 22, 2014

Author: michaelo12



PowerPoint Presentation: Ron Eakes Believes That His College Played A Vital Role In Shaping His Personality PowerPoint Presentation: Ron Eakes is counted amongst the most respected businessmen in the construction industry. He has received a Certificate of Achievement in building construction. He was also listed in National Register of Who’s Who in executives and professionals, as he is the owner of Mid Plains Construction Company. In 1979, he founded this company in Plains, which is soon after the completion of his degree from DCCC located in Kansas. His construction company employees over 70 workers. Today, it is rated as one of the top companies in Kansas. Apart from his company, he also owns three ready mix plants, and holds his share in two large scale dairies. PowerPoint Presentation: The DCCC, also known as DC3 is widely popular for its sports teams and for offering a number of sports activities. The students of the college have won many accolades in numerous sports that include baseball, soccer, softball, basket ball, golf, volleyball, etc. Ron Eakes also took great interest in golf during his enrollment in the college. The college athletics team is known as Conquistador, or Conqs, and always performs well in sports events, which are organized annually. Moreover, the college has its own team of cheer leaders, who always motivate the players of the team at such events. PowerPoint Presentation: Ron Eakes believes that his college contributed a lot in shaping his personality, as he joined a learn-by-doing course offered by Dale Carnegie College. This self improving course assisted Ron to overcame his weaknesses, and emerged as a confident person, who was completely ready to face the future hurdles and challenges in life. He gained leadership qualities, which greatly improved his communication skills through this course. PowerPoint Presentation: Ron Eakes is socially aware person, and understands his social duties very well. He participates voluntarily at the time of helping at any social organization, and promote a social cause. He not only helps the charity organizations financially, but also takes out time to involve himself in several events, organized by these clubs and charities. He makes regular contributions to Lion's club and other local charity organizations. PowerPoint Presentation: Thank You Ron Eakes

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