Ron Eakes Is A Businessman Who Loves Challenges

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Published on July 16, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: Ron Eakes Is A Businessman Who Loves Challenges PowerPoint Presentation: Ron Eakes, owner of Mid Plains Construction in Plains, is a successful businessman. Besides running a concrete construction business for over 33 years, he has three other ready mix plants and runs two large scale dairies in partnership. He was born and brought up in Kansas and is highly influenced by the life in the city. He was brought up in a farm house along with his ten siblings and had a very pleasant childhood. He attended South Western Heights School and graduated in 1977. After schooling, he enrolled at Dodge City Community College (DCCC), Kansas in 1979 for a degree program. PowerPoint Presentation: He also attended a life skills course by Dale Carnegie. Immediately after graduating from the college, he ventured into construction business by starting his own firm, which has grown rapidly in all these years and today, he has more than 70 full time employees in his company. He performed remarkably well in the construction industry and received a Certificate of Achievement in Building Construction. His company offers an array of construction products and services. PowerPoint Presentation: Apart from being a successful entrepreneur, Ron Eakes is a good husband, a loving father, and a proud veteran. He is generous, and lively person, who is never afraid of challenges which he encountered in his life. He has a compassionate heart and is always ready to serve others. Throughout his life, he has helped numerous under privileged and needy people. He volunteers for various organizations that are committed towards helping disadvantaged people. He is a dedicated supporter of American Cancer Society which has been striving to make people aware about Cancer and helps them in fighting it for many years. He and his friends and associates, participate in the events held by these organizations. PowerPoint Presentation: Ron Eakes is also associated with other charities such as Save The Children, Kansas Peace Officers, Children's Miracle Network, Knights of Columbus, County Economic Organization, and Special Olympics. He financially supports these organization and even helps these organizations by motivating other like minded people to join the events. Special Olympics is a unique sports organization that strives to help the adults and children with intellectual disabilities. He cares about small children who have lost their families in disasters; therefore, he supports Save the Children and Children's Miracle Network, and other related organizations in raising funds for the upbringing, education, and food. He has three sons and loves to spend time with his family. He also likes to play golf when get free time. PowerPoint Presentation: Thank You Ron Eakes

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