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Published on July 19, 2014

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Teachers in Action : Teachers in Action Rosella Colon [email protected] July 20, 2014 EEX 4070;CW59 –Summer 2014 UCP of Central Florida : UCP of Central Florida UCP Downtown/ Holloway 3305 S. Orange Ave. Orlando, FL 32806 ( Google Image ) Mission Statement: “Our vision is not only based on research that supports children with and without disabilities achieve the same or better academic outcomes when part of an inclusive classroom, but a desire from families and educators to have children of all abilities co-exist in a school environment together…Our goal, which is already beginning at UCP,  is for  “inclusion” to be something that isn’t even noteworthy because it happens all the time anyway.” - UCP of Central Florida UCP of central Florida. (2014). Our Story. Retrieved from /. UCP of Central Florida Cont.: UCP of Central Florida Cont . UCP has serviced students: For 55 years Students are between the ages birth to 21 years Small class sizes Began with helping students with cerebral palsy and now helps students with other disabilities including: Cerebral palsy D own Syndrome Autism S peech delay Developmental delays Vision and hearing impairments Engagement Activities: Engagement Activities I wanted to work daily with students in a school setting. This compelled me to reach out to UCP and I was honored to work in a Kindergarten/ First grade classroom. My Service Learning Schedule Date Day Time June 16 Mon. 12-3 June 23 Mon. 8:30-10:30 June 25 Wed. 8:30-10:30 June 30 Mon. 8:30-10:30 July 2 Wed. 8:30-10:30 July 7 Mon. 8:30-12:30 Engagement Activities: Engagement Activities Daily Activities: Center activities Read aloud Food preparation Promote independence Morning Meeting Flexible to the needs of the students Playground monitoring/ playing Classroom monitoring Instructional strategies/ collaboration of ideas Sing along/ sing language Preparation for activities, nap-time, lining-up Reading to Students Incorporating instructional strategies with daily life skills (granted permission to use photos) Created my own project! Engagement Activities: Engagement Activities Created my own project : Preparation Read aloud with The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle Three center activities themed and related to the text: 1. Play Dough Math 2. Vocabulary Segments 3. Coloring activity-Butterfly cycle 1. 2. 3. Participant Demographics: Participant Demographics The class was diverse in disabilities, which include: Cerebral Palsy Motor; gross and fine Autism Speech impairment Languages spoken: English Spanish Creole ( granted permission to use photos) The classroom consist of about 10 students from ages 4-8 years old. The students sometimes switched classrooms depending on the need/ dynamic between students. Classroom teacher demographic: At least two teacher assistance, the teacher, 1-2 Para-professionals, and 1-2 volunteers Participant Demographics: Participant Demographics I.D.E.A.: The students that I serviced fall under the I.D.E.A. Act because they are qualified as having disabilities, who require a plan to fit the students’ unique learning abilities and needs (NCLD Public Policy Team, 2014). NCLD Public Policy Team. (2014). What is IDEA? Retrieved from Preparation for Service in Action: Preparation for Service in Action Service in Action (granted permission to use photos): Service in Action (granted permission to use photos) Perceptions of Differences: Perceptions of Differences Initial thoughts: Excited Nervous Not knowing what to expect Post-Thoughts Excited Accomplished Worked hard Celebrated each small step Enjoyed working with students with disabilities Perception of Difference cont.: Perception of Difference cont. Experience/ Impact: The students loved the letter gears and were able to create words. Example: One student asked if I can come back so that we can do the letter gears. The students’ accomplishments had an impact on me and the students. Example: One of the students began smiling at me every time I entered the classroom and at random times during my service learning hours. Connections to Your Course: Connections to Your Course Course: Dr. Hines, EEX 4070:CW59 -Summer 2014 ( Google Image ) Topics: Accommodations: Using strategies to accommodate to the students individual needs. Non-Verbal Communication: The ability to communicate through gestures and facial expressions. Always Smile! Intellectual disabilities and Congenital Disorder: Autistic Spectrum Disorder Cerebral Palsy Civic Engagement (granted permission to use photos) : Civic Engagement (granted permission to use photos) Perspective for civic engagement/ volunteerism: Serves the community to fit a specific need/ community. Purpose: To enhance the growth of the people you serve and the people who are providing the service. Method: An opportunity to extend and connect course curriculum. Motivation: Yes! I am going to continue with service learning! Embrace: Yes! Service learning provides more opportunity to take what you know and apply it to the classroom. Also, service learning extends course material and provides a learning experience that can’t be obtained in the classroom. Final Thoughts & Reflections: Final Thoughts & Reflections I believe that people can have more insight about students with disabilities by volunteering at schools, such as; UCP. To help others become better involved: I have informed other classmates, family, and friends about my positive experience. I informed others on ways that they can become involved. Teachers do more than just academic topics! I believe that when you become a teacher that there is an unstated notion of being a positive role model. Students remember the good and the bad teachers! Society relies on teachers to educate and guide students to success. Final Thoughts & Reflections: Final Thoughts & Reflections Reflecting on my experience: I miss the students! Rewarding Resilience Non-verbal communication is excellent (Google images) Time to Celebrate!

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