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Published on July 13, 2014

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S.O.a.P.S Close reading: S.O.a.P.S Close reading Esmeralda Lara July 9, 2014 Objective: Objective Students will be able to analyze point of view, tone, and purpose of a poem by using S.O.A.P.S to write an objective analysis of the poem. Why do we need S.O.A.p.s?: Why do we need S.O.A.p.s ? Using this strategy to read a piece of text will help you better understand the authors purpose, and the content you are reading. What does S.o.a.p.s stand for?: What does S.o.a.p.s stand for? S- Subject O -Occasion A– Audience P- Purpose S- Speaker Pencils Down : Pencils Down Watch me use S.O.A.P.S to analyze this short poem: A Gift for such a little while by Unknown Author A gift for such a little while, your loss just seems so wrong, you should not have left before us, it’s with loved ones you belong. How to use s.o.a.p.s: How to use s.o.a.p.s Now that I’ve read the poem twice I need to become a detective and break the poem apart to better understand it. I need to find the answers to these questions: Subject- What is this piece of text about? What ideas are presented? Occasion-What is the occasion? When was this written and where? Is it important? Audience- Who is this written for? Is it one person, a small group, or a large group? Purpose- Why was this written? Why would someone take the time to write this? Speaker- Describe what someone who wrote this could be like? We do: We do Let’s practice together! Use the handout titled: During the Reading Questions to take your notes. Whales: An Innocent Death © Chelsie Woodhead As the gentle giants swim through the sea, Not expecting a thing, A sharp metal object is heading their way, And they feel a sharp sting. They don't know what happened, But they feel a lot of pain, The innocent creatures, Are pulled up by a chain. Now they've figured it out, They know what's going on, A whaling harpoon has hit them, A massive violent gun. As they're pulled up to the whaling ship, Their condition deteriorates, They get weaker and weaker, They're in a terrible state. The last thing they see, Just before they die, Is the satisfied look, In the fisherman's eye. You DO: You DO On a separate page you will find the poem. This is your assessment. You will be graded on how well you: 1. Answer all of the questions on the During the Reading worksheet. 2. Answer the questions on the After the Reading worksheet. 3. Use the before the reading/after the reading worksheets to complete a one paragraph analysis on the poem. Resources: Resources Poem Before the Reading After the Reading Writing Prompt Unit Resources.docx

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