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Published on January 10, 2012

Author: besafeacademy



PowerPoint Presentation: Why safety is required? PowerPoint Presentation: TO REMAIN HAPPY… PowerPoint Presentation: SAFETY starts from ME What is Safety?: 11 What is Safety? Safety is prevention of accidents which results personal injury and property damage. PowerPoint Presentation: 12 Accident is an unplanned, unforeseen, undesired, non-value added, interrupting activity which may or may not result in personal injury / property damages. DEFINITION FOR ACCIDENT PowerPoint Presentation: 13 13 Minor accident Major accident Dangerous occurrence Categories of Accidents Minor accident: 14 Minor accident There is injury or illness to operator Immediate medical attention Required With or without loss to property, where the operator returns to duty immediately. Major accident: 15 Major accident It includes death, loss of limb may have loss of property or production., where the operator takes leave beyond 48 hours Dangerous occurrence : 16 Dangerous occurrence which do not cause death or injury but loss to property or production to a huge extent (e.g.., Bursting of boilers, Collapse of buildings ) Except the minor accidents others must be reported to the relevant Govt. Authorities like Factory Inspector / Local authority. PowerPoint Presentation: 17 17 Pain / loss of part of body which can’t be shared Loss of Pay and medical expenses Loss of experience and knowledge Strain to family and others Effects of Accidents Operator Level Effects of Accidents Factory Manager Level : 18 Effects of Accidents Factory Manager Level Inspectorate of Factories ESI / PF / Insurance Authorities Chief Explosives Officer Police / Fire department Collector / Panchayat PowerPoint Presentation: 19 REASONS FOR ACCIDENT Unsafe Condition Unsafe Act Natural Reasons PowerPoint Presentation: 20 CAUSEWISE ANALYSIS FOR ACCIDENT UNSAFE ACT =88% UNSAFE CONDITION =10% NATURAL CAUSE =2% Unsafe condition: 21 Unsafe condition Unsafe Floor-Machine Leaking Unsafe condition: 22 Unsafe condition Unsafe condition near Emergency exit: 23 Unsafe condition near Emergency exit Do not store anything in Emergency exit pathway ! Unsafe condition in Office: 24 Unsafe condition in Office Cables entangled in office Unsafe condition in Utility: 25 Unsafe condition in Utility Do not run / switch-on any equipment when under maintenance! Unsafe condition in Office: 26 Unsafe condition in Office Handle missing Unsafe condition in Office: 27 Cupboard door if left open can injure Unsafe condition in Office Unsafe condition in Production activity: 28 Unsafe condition in Production activity Temporary stand ! PowerPoint Presentation: 29 Unsafe condition Open electrical panel boards PowerPoint Presentation: 30 Unsafe condition FIRE EXTINGUISHER PowerPoint Presentation: 31 Unsafe condition PowerPoint Presentation: 32 Crack Unsafe condition PowerPoint Presentation: 33 Unsafe condition PowerPoint Presentation: 34 Unsafe condition PowerPoint Presentation: 35 Unsafe ACT=88% No safety guarding No PPE Bending and working …… again unsafe PowerPoint Presentation: 36 Entering into the machine without clearing the surrounding area ! Unsafe Act PowerPoint Presentation: 37 Unsafe Act Going to Heaven ? PowerPoint Presentation: 38 Unsafe Act PowerPoint Presentation: 39 Unsafe Act PowerPoint Presentation: 40 Unsafe Act PowerPoint Presentation: 41 Unsafe Act Running mixie jar with drilling machine! PowerPoint Presentation: 42 Unsafe Act PowerPoint Presentation: 43 Unsafe Act PowerPoint Presentation: 44 Unsafe Act PowerPoint Presentation: 45 Unsafe Act PowerPoint Presentation: 46 Unsafe Act PowerPoint Presentation: 47 Unsafe Act PowerPoint Presentation: 48 Unsafe Act Where to go tonight party? I feel like dancing now! PowerPoint Presentation: 49 Unsafe Act PowerPoint Presentation: 50 Unsafe Act So, Hot PowerPoint Presentation: 51 Unsafe Act PowerPoint Presentation: 52 Unsafe Act PowerPoint Presentation: If we Skip the Safety rules what will Happen? PowerPoint Presentation: 55 Situation : 1 Okay, Turn on the Electricity PowerPoint Presentation: 56 Situation : 2 Hi Dear How are You? Help ! Help!! PowerPoint Presentation: 57 Situation : 3 I Am waiting for you PowerPoint Presentation: 58 Situation : 4 See, How it is working PowerPoint Presentation: 59 Situation : 5 If you break the Safety Rules Nothing Will happen Yes, You are right PowerPoint Presentation: 60 Situation : 6 Can you taste this Solvent Of course, I can taste it PowerPoint Presentation: 61 Situation : 7 Don’t touch that Don’t Worry nothing will happen PowerPoint Presentation: 62 RESULTS (Situation 1..7) PowerPoint Presentation: 63 1 Result : PowerPoint Presentation: 64 2 Result : PowerPoint Presentation: 65 3 Result : PowerPoint Presentation: 66 4 Result : PowerPoint Presentation: 67 5 Result : PowerPoint Presentation: Accident PowerPoint Presentation: 69 Accidents PowerPoint Presentation: 70 Accidents PowerPoint Presentation: 71 Accidents PowerPoint Presentation: 72 Accidents PowerPoint Presentation: 73 Accidents PowerPoint Presentation: 74 Accidents PowerPoint Presentation: 75 Accidents PowerPoint Presentation: 76 Accidents PowerPoint Presentation: 77 Why Accidents are Happening? PowerPoint Presentation: 78 Because of carelessness in using PPE and to Follow safety Rules Why Accidents Are happening? PowerPoint Presentation: 79 1. Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 2. Follow Safety Rules How to Work SAFELY? PowerPoint Presentation: 80 PowerPoint Presentation: 81 PowerPoint Presentation: 82 PowerPoint Presentation: 83 PowerPoint Presentation: 84 HOW TO LIFT SAFELY? PowerPoint Presentation: 85 Safe Lifting Procedure: 86 Safe Lifting Procedure PowerPoint Presentation: 87 SAFETY SIGNS PowerPoint Presentation: 88 Prohibition Signs Do not drink. Do not extinguish with water. Do not Touch. No Entry for Unauthorized Persons No Naked Flame Do Not Walk (No entry for pedestrians) PowerPoint Presentation: 89 Must wear safety boots Ear Protection must be worn Eye Protection must be worn Face Protection must be worn General mandatory sign. to be accompanied by another sign Pedestrians must use this route Mandatory Signs PowerPoint Presentation: 90 Respiratory mask must be worn Safety Gloves must be worn Safety harness must be worn Safety helmets must be worn Safety overalls must be worn Mandatory Signs PowerPoint Presentation: 91 Biological risk Corrosive Materials Danger: Electricity Drop Explosive Materials Flammable Materials or High Temperature General Danger Harmful or Irritant Materials Industrial Vehicle Warning Signs PowerPoint Presentation: 92 Laser Beam Low Temperature Strong Magnetic Field Non-ionising Radiation Obstacles Overhead Load Toxic Material Oxidant Materials Radioactive Materials Warning Signs PowerPoint Presentation: 93 Emergency Fire Telephone Fire Extinguisher Fire Hose Reel Ladder This way signs for Fire Oxidant Materials Fire Signs PowerPoint Presentation: 94 Emergency Exit Route Signs First Aid Emergency Phone for first aid or escape Eye Wash Stretcher Safety Shower Fire Signs PowerPoint Presentation: Thank You Be Safe International Academy General Manager Ahmed Assad

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