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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: FrankTeller



Salt Treatment Uses: Salt Treatment Uses Everyone knows that eating too much salt is bad for you, but did you know that salt offers therapeutic benefits? There are many health issues that can be treated naturally and effectively with salt. Salt treatment can help people with respiratory problems and skin disorders get relief and feel better without the unwanted side effects that often accompany traditional medications. In some cases, people report more satisfaction and better results when taking salt treatments over traditional medications because there are no unwanted side effects. Others report increased benefits when combining traditional medicine and salt therapies. If you experience respiratory or skin troubles, salt therapy may be just the thing you need to feel your best. What Is Salt Therapy? Also known as halotherapy , salt therapy is the use of sodium chloride to treat skin and breathing problems. Halotherapy is a completely pain free therapy that is simple for people to partake in. Quite simply, if you can breathe, you can do halotherapy . All that is required for this therapy is the ability to breathe in salty air. Whether in a salt cave, in a special room stocked with blocks of salt or through an air purifier, treating yourself with salt is natural, easy and effective. What Are The Health Benefits Of Halotherapy ? Eczema, allergies, psoriasis, itchy, flaky skin plagued with scales and rough patches can be treated with sodium chloride. Respiratory conditions such as hay fever, bronchitis, sinusitis and asthma can be calmed and soothed through salt therapy.  For people who are in a state of good health, halotherapy is thought to improve feelings of well being while simultaneously boosting immunity.  The science behind salt therapy indicates the small size of the salt particles loosens mucus in the respiratory tract so it can be coughed up and ease breathing. Additionally, it is thought that salt's high mineral content improves skin health. Salt has also been shown to reduce inflammation and destroy bacteria while improving the body's immune system. How Can I Do Halotherapy At Home? Luckily, you can get the therapeutic benefits of salt easily at home. You can purchase a salt lamp for home use. Salt lamps are large salt crystals that have been hollowed out and and are heated by either a tea light or light bulb. The heat helps disperse salt through the air so you can light it or turn it on and breathe it in anytime you want. Air purifiers are also an easy and efficient way to take salt treatments. Air purifiers easily disperse the salt solution throughout the air and allow you to breathe in the healing properties of salt. Finding an air purifier Australia area wide is easy and there are options that will fit any budget. As an added bonus, using an air purifier in Australia is a great way to add moisture and comfort to your room every time you use it.  If you or a family member suffers with breathing or skin problems, give halotherapy a try. Natural, safe, effective and easy to do, treating your condition with salt may deliver the relief you need.   Salin Plus is the world’s leading Salt Therapy device that can be used in the home or office. For more information visit

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