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Published on July 23, 2014

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SaMADHAN HOTEL: SaMADHAN HOTEL Ravet Pune 33. We put a smile back on your face. INTRODUCTION: INTRODUCTION Samadhan Hotel provides delicious veg and non-veg food. Best restaurants in Pune for food lovers. Motto is to be served Maharashtrian recipes to the people. PowerPoint Presentation: By providing excellent services that meets the expectations of the people.We are famous for quality of the food and delicious taste. Our chefs knows what exactly people wants. MENU: MENU NON VEG MENU MUTTON FRYOnly at RS 150 per Plate. KALEGI FRY (6 PIECES)Only at RS 200 WAJADI FRYOnly at RS 70 per Plate. MUTTON HUNDI (FULL PARCEL)Only at RS 400 MUTTON HUNDI (HALF PARCEL)Only at RS 200 MUTTON BIRYANIOnly at RS 180 MUTTON ALANIOnly at RS 150 MUTTON ALANI FRY (5 PIECES)Only at Rs 180 ALANI WATIOnly at RS 30 MUTTON RASSA PLATEOnly at RS 70 CHICKEN FRYOnly at RS 120 CHICKEN BIRYANIOnly at RS 150 CHICKEN HUNDI (FULL)Only at RS 400 CHICKEN HUNDI (HALF)Only at RS 200 CHICKEN ALANIOnly at RS 150 EGG CURRY THALIOnly at Rs 150 BOIL EGGOnly at RS 30 OMLETOnly at RS 45 EGG BHURGIOnly at RS 70 EGG CURRY (PARCEL)Only at RS 80 EGG FRYOnly at RS 60 PowerPoint Presentation: VEG MENU BHAKARI (JWARI)Only at RS 20 BHAKARI (BAJARI)Only at RS 20 PITHAL THALIOnly at RS 110 PITHAL PARCELOnly at RS 60 BRINGEL MASALAOnly at RS 80 SOYBEAN MASALA/ FRYOnly at RS 90 JEERA RICE (FULL)Only at RS 90 STEAM RICE (FULL)Only at RS 80 MATKI USALOnly at RS 80 MATKI FRYOnly at RS 90 PowerPoint Presentation: OUR MOST FAVORITE DISHES… PLACE TO ENJOY : PLACE TO ENJOY Samadhan is situated on prestigious Ravet road Near "Nano Homes". It has convenient approach road to Rajeev Gandhi Infotech Park Hinjewadi. Pimpri Chinchwad Industrial area, it is near to Balewadi Sports Complex. Just 3 K.Ms. from Akurdi Railway Station. ABOUT US: ABOUT US VISION We deliver the ultimate experience through unique and  personalized service , creating timeless and everlasting memories. MISSION Impress our guests by providing service that meets and strives to exceed their expectations. TASTE THE DIFFERENCE! The Samadhan Hotel are renowned for the quality of their dining. Samadhan Hotel prepare regional cuisine by often calling on local producers. CONTACT US: CONTACT US Address Samadhan  Hotel Ravet Road, Ravet, Pune Phone No: (+91) 9822951998

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