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Published on July 25, 2014

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SAP BODS 4.0 OVERVIEW |Bods training & classes: SAP BODS 4.0 OVERVIEW |Bods training & classes Online | classroom| Corporate Training | certifications | placements| support CONTACT US: MAGNIFIC TRAINING INDIA +91-9052666559,9052666558 USA : +1-678-693-3475 [email protected] SAP BODS TRAINING : SAP BODS TRAINING SAP BODS ONLINE TRAINING:- Environment Setup:-      Data warehousing and ETL concepts:- About Data warehousing Data warehouse Architecture What is ETL? Data warehousing  modeling SAP BODS Online Training: SAP BODS Online Training Introduction to SAP BODS (SAP Business Object Data Services) –        About SAP BODS –        SAP BODS standard components BODS  Designer BODS  Repository BODS  Job Server BODS  Engine SAP BODS Online Training India: SAP BODS Online Training India BODS  Access Server BODS  Address Server BODS  Administrator BODS  Metadata Reports applications BODS  Service BODS  SNMP Agent BODS  Adapter SDK PowerPoint Presentation: SAP BODS Architecture and it’s relationship SAP BODS Architecture SAP BODS Component Relationships BODS standard components Description SAP BODS Object hierarchy –         Prerequisite to install SAP BODS SAP BODS Online Training In Hyderabad PowerPoint Presentation: Designer –        Prerequisite Log in to Designer –        Log in to Designer –        SAP BODS Designer Window –        Project Area –        Local object Library –        Tool bar –        Tool Palate –        Workspace Area –        EXERCISE SAP BODS Online Training In Bangalore SAP BODS Online Training & Placement: SAP BODS Online Training & Placement Preparing a job –        Create Source Datastore –        Import metadata for Source –        Create Target Datastore& Import metadata for Target –        Creating a file format –        Creating Project and Job –        Creating Workflow –        Creating Dataflow SAP BODS ONLINE TRAINING IN CHENNAI: SAP BODS ONLINE TRAINING IN CHENNAI Working with Transforms –        Working with BODS Transforms –        Query Transform Query Transform – Mappings Query Transform – Where Query Transform – Order By Query Transform – Group by Query Transform – Join SAP BODS ONLINE TRAINING & PLACEMENT: SAP BODS ONLINE TRAINING & PLACEMENT Validating, Tracing Validating Jobs Tracing jobs Log Files Monitor Log –        Statistics log –        Error log –        Case Transform –        Merge Transform –        Row Generation SAP BODS ONLINE TRAINING TUTORIALS: SAP BODS ONLINE TRAINING TUTORIALS Debugging Batch JOBS –        Debugging Batch Jobs –        Debugging Jobs –        Filters / Breakpoints –        Push – down operations –        Viewing SQL –        Descriptions –        Annotations SAP BODS ONLINE TRAINING IN USA: SAP BODS ONLINE TRAINING IN USA Scripting in BODS and Working with Variables –   Working with BODS Scripting Language and Variables Basic Concepts Local variable Global Parameter BODS Scripting language BODS custom functions Using Built-in Functions SAP BODS ONLINE TRAINING IN UK: SAP BODS ONLINE TRAINING IN UK Admin Work in BODS –        Data Services Management Console (Administrator) –        Using the Data Services Management Console –        Logging into DSManagement Console –        Administrator Management SAP BODS COURSE CONTENT: SAP BODS COURSE CONTENT Full course details please visit our website Duration for course is 30 days or 45 hours and special care will be taken. It is a one to one training with hands on experience. Resume preparation and Interview assistance will be provided. For any further details please contact +91-9052666559 or visit Please mail us all queries to [email protected] - Contact US -: - Contact US - MAGNIFIC TRAINING INDIA +91-9052666559,9052666558 USA : +1-678-693-3475 [email protected]

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