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Published on July 28, 2014

Author: theloversandthel



PowerPoint Presentation: aucisse Gourmand The Sausage Pie People HELP!! We are finally outgrowing our kitchen and it’s time to think about a bigger space or maybe someone to do all this cooking for us. Some help with distribution would be great too. But until then we want to continue to turn out some of the best dinner pies you can imagine. Come take a look at what we do and then come and get one for yourself or two or three. . .you get the point. Welcome!! PowerPoint Presentation: The Sausage Pie People aucisse Gourmand Another beautiful day in the Saucisse Gourmand test kitchen. Hmm, I wonder what we have today? The Saucisse Italiano is a huge hit. Our original recipe has always been one of the best. If only we had a bigger work space, production could go so much faster. PowerPoint Presentation: Busy, busy, busy… Saucisse Poullet is our chicken sausage pie. It’s just as good as the Italiano, just creamier!! I have all my ingredients for today. Pie crusts, veggies, cheese, sausage and sauce. No salt or pepper goes in our pies and no extra oil. I just wish we had more space, these orders are piling up. PowerPoint Presentation: aucisse Gourmand The Sausage Pie People Sold, Sold, Sold and SOLD. The boss is going to be so happy. 3” MiniSaucisse , 5” Lunch Sized and a whopper of 10” flaky goodness. I know the others debate over which is better, the original sausage or the original chicken. For me nothing beats added pepperoni. Sigh, if only we had more space , maybe someday we’ll get to make our seafood version on a larger scale. PowerPoint Presentation: In case you couldn’t tell, it’s getting a little too crowded for us in our little test kitchen. We need to move our production to a bigger facility.  Maybe you can help us by supplying a place we can call our dream kitchen. PowerPoint Presentation: we want to give you a taste of something, we promise, you’ve never had before and you will come back for more. but finding and moving into a new facility will require some things.. back to the kitchen and we’ll show you PowerPoint Presentation: aucisse Gourmand The Sausage Pie People Hopefully you will be one of the ones that we get to feed soon. We hope you enjoyed your visit. Welcome back anytime. Don’t forget to come to the website and order any time OOH OOH OOH AAH AAH AAH This is our wish list PowerPoint Presentation: aucisse Gourmand The Sausage Pie People Italian Sausage Chicken Bratwurst Sausage Pepperoni Spicy Chicken Seafood Turkey Creamy Italian aucisse Gourmand The Sausage Pie People

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