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Published on October 13, 2010

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IDEA-AN TREE CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE : IDEA-AN TREE CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE TREES AND IMPORTANCE OF TREES IN OUR ENVIOURNMENT : TREES AND IMPORTANCE OF TREES IN OUR ENVIOURNMENT IMPORTANCE OF TREES : IMPORTANCE OF TREES Trees one an important part of the Biosphere that exists on earth.  They play an essential part in the life of man.  Children play under them, and tired travelers refresh themselves in their cool shade.  They give us fruit to eat and firewood to burn.  We use trees to build houses and furniture's with.  If the paper on which your book is printed could tell its own story, it would perhaps tell you that once. it was a tree on some hill slope in a forest.  The furniture in your classroom is perhaps made out of trees that once grew in the forest of Assam or Kerala.  Trees thus supply us with many of the conveniences of life TREES SAVE OUR LIFE : TREES SAVE OUR LIFE Slide 6: How Trees Support Life          Trees do much more than supply us with the conveniences we have mentioned.  They help to support man's life by supplying the atmosphere with oxygen which is essential to life.  The oxygen in the air is constantly being used up and turned into carbon dioxide when animals breathe and things burn, carbon dioxide is the food that plants “eat”.             Starch and other carbon compounds made in the green leaves of trees (and of other green plants too) serve as food for animals.  The tiny green cells of plants are wonderful laboratories, which produce all the starch in the world.  But for this service done by plants all animals would.  But for this service done by plants all animal would  sooner or larger die for lack of food; they must get all their food either directly from plants or indirectly by eating animals that have fed on plants BENEFITS OF TREES TO THIS ENVIOURNMENT : BENEFITS OF TREES TO THIS ENVIOURNMENT Slide 8: Benefits of Trees in the Rural Environment Wind protection for crops Erosion control Creates diverse plant and animal habitats Purifies the air absorbing carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide Slide 9: How do trees function in suburban environments? Slide 10: Environmental Liability Environmental Amenity Seattle, WA Slide 11: Benefits of Trees in Urban Environments Tree muffle urban noise. A mature leafy tree produces as much oxygen in a season as 10 people inhale in a year. Trees help cleanse the air. Trees can be cool! Energy savers and windbreakers. Slide 12: Benefits of Trees in Suburban Environments Shade canopy Building Ecology Noise Buffers Habitat for suburban wildlife WAT SHOULD BE YOUR CONTRIBUTION : WAT SHOULD BE YOUR CONTRIBUTION Slide 14: Environmental Education is the Key Investigate programs in your community - Project Learning Tree - Project WILD - Adopt A Tree Slide 15: Why should we plant trees               In many parts of India there are not enough trees to supply firewood, and so people are forced to burn cow-dung, which ought to be saved for agricultural purposes.  The government wants large numbers of trees to be planted all over the country in order to make good the loss.  So, some years ago, the government started an annual festival called. Vanamahatsava or the forest festival.  This is an important festival in which we should all take part.  Threes are our country's wealth; we must consider it our sacred duty to protect them and to look after them well. DEFORESTATION-THE MAJOR PROBLEM : DEFORESTATION-THE MAJOR PROBLEM REASONS OF DEFORESTATION : REASONS OF DEFORESTATION REASONS FOR CUTTING TREES : REASONS FOR CUTTING TREES There is only one forest left in Queens, New York; it is located in Forest Park. Can you imagine having only one forest on the entire planet? Lack of awareness in people becomes the number 1 reason that forests are carelessly being cut down. Half of Earth’s forests are already destroyed and according to a National Geographic Society report forests that are left will vanish in the next fifty years and along with them a quarter of all life forms Slide 21: Many companies work on mining, timber harvesting, and logging to enhance their businesses but all that activity is done in a forest destroying its being. They clear forests for land and use the wood for production, making paper, drugs, and using fuel wood. MEASURES FOR PREVENTING DEFORESTATION : MEASURES FOR PREVENTING DEFORESTATION 1. If deforestation is a negative event, then a positive event should take place to counter its effectsóreforestation. Plant trees and begin doing this in your yard. Trees give off oxygen that is essential for human existence and they, in turn, capture the carbon dioxide that humans and animals exhale. Trees also help in containing water in its roots. With this simple act, you are able to prevent soil erosion, which is the root cause of landslides! 2. Use recycled items such as books or pad paper, toilet paper, even shopping bags. If you can, do not waste any of these products so that no new raw material would be required to replace them. Slide 25: 4. Cut down only the mature trees. Do not kill baby trees. And for every tree that is lost, plant another one as a replacement 5.Instead of using firewood, use coals to heat up your fireplaces during the winter season. Remember that it takes only a few hours to consume the firewood but it would take years to grow a single tree. Think twice before purchasing firewood again. PLANTATION : PLANTATION Plantation results into controlling the temperature and thus tackling with the global warming worldwide. ARTICLES : ARTICLES CHIPKOO MOVEMENT : CHIPKOO MOVEMENT Chipko means tree hugging or “embrace” as the villagers hugged the trees. Locally it is called as Angwal. The movement is best known for its tactic of hugging trees to prevent them being cut down and to prevent commercial timber harvesting. USE MOBILE SAVE PAPER!!! : USE MOBILE SAVE PAPER!!! Idea mobile is out with a new ad campaign in which they are appealing the nation to save tree in every possible way. It positions mobile as a great idea to eliminate huge wastage of paper and has even demonstrated different ways of doing it through its latest television commercial. It’s a young and innovative idea about mobile phones being the 21st century solution to paper waste that in turn helps keep our planet green. In the advertisement Abhishek Bachchan personifies the lone surviving tree in a forest cut down to feed the paper mills. He falls upon the idea of how the mobile phone could be used as a replacement for paper thus negating the need to indiscriminately fell trees and consequently save the environment WHAT AN IDEA SIRJI!! : WHAT AN IDEA SIRJI!! Slide 35: KINJAL SOLANKI PRACHI WAGLE SWATI JADHAV PARTH SOJITRA VAIBHAV SINGH

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