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Published on December 7, 2009

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Scavenger hunt : Scavenger hunt By: Gerard Estiller Element : Element This is an element because it’s a pure substance like gold. Compound number 1 : Compound number 1 This is salt it’s a compound because its made of 2 elements sodium chloride. Compound number 2 : Compound number 2 Water is a compound because it made of hydrogen and oxygen. Mixture : Mixture This is a mixture because its composed of different items to make it. Mixture 2 : Mixture 2 Chex mix is a mixture of different types of foods there fore it’s a mixture. Mixture 3 : Mixture 3 Omelets are composed of cheese egg and ham mixed together. homogenous : homogenous The chocolate ice cream is a homogenous because its made of one thing pure chocolate it’s the same throughout as you eat it. Homogenous 2 : Homogenous 2 Strawberry ice cream is homogenous because it’s the same as you eat it no new substance will come as you eat it. heterogeneous : heterogeneous Rocky road ice cream is composed of different items and it will give you something new as you eat it for example you might get a spoon full peanuts. Heterogeneous 2 : Heterogeneous 2 This is a chocolate ice cream with peanuts you might get a more peanuts in one spoon full or less in the next.

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