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Published on July 22, 2014

Author: divyanshushuklao



Science and Survival by Barry commoner: Science and Survival by Barry commoner Submitted to Ashish sharma English department BBDNITM lucknow Submitted by Divyanshu Shukla B.TECH,CS 2 nd sem ENVIRONMENT: ENVIRONMENT Everything that surrounds and affects living organisms is environment. Air Water Soil Materials Living Organism Concept of Human Environment Environmental Pollution: Environmental Pollution Environmental pollution can be defined as any undesirable change in the physical , chemical o biological characterstics of any component of the environment ( air,water,soil ) , which can cause harmful effects on various forms of life. Medical Hazards of New Pollutants: Medical Hazards of New Pollutants DDT Strontium-90 Radium Carbon-14 Air is loaded with substances that interfere with the functioning of blood because we wanted to build nuclear bombs and kill mosquitoes we have burdened our bodies with these substances. PowerPoint Presentation: WHAT GRAPH SAYS! PowerPoint Presentation: Damage caused in body 1. Genetic Damage 2. Somatic Damage 3. Cancer Damage caused to environment Crop destruction Floods caused by carbon-14 How to control Nuclear Pollution a) Siting of nuclear power plants should be done after studying long term and short term effects. b) Proper disposal of wastes from laboratory involving the use of radioisotopes should be done. PowerPoint Presentation: Synthetic Chemicals: They may remain in the soil for years. Excess carbon dioxide from fuel combustion eventually might cause flood Damage to society Damage to crops. PowerPoint Presentation: TOTAL RECORDER DISASTERS ALL OVER Disaster occurred : Disaster occurred Thousand people died in disaster in Europe Hazard of Modern Pollutants: Hazard of Modern Pollutants Extra carbon dioxide from fuel combustion might eventually cause floods. DDT and Strontium-90 in the air may interfere with the functioning of the blood. Carbon-14 may remain in the soil for years. The effect of smog , fallout or chemical pollutants may be extremely harmful for future generations. Synthetic Chemicals may remain in the soil for years Science To Do: Science To Do Science has forgotten that one of its major duties is the prediction and control of human intervention into nature. If we dare to enter the new age before correcting this basic fault in scientific enterprise than we will face actual hazard.

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