Second Life & The Future of UTC

Information about Second Life & The Future of UTC

Published on August 7, 2014

Author: jdot



Code of Conduct & Integrity Policy: Code of Conduct & Integrity Policy for Business in the Virtual World PowerPoint Presentation: 200 thousand people use Second Life for a total of 1 million hours every day 15-20% use Second Life for business PowerPoint Presentation: Avatars meet in private company network, not public networks of standard Second Life More options than dialing in Second Life Enterprise Fake World, Real Rules: Fake World, Real Rules Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!: Prepare, Prepare, Prepare! For attendees..: For attendees.. PowerPoint Presentation: Communication is Key UTC protects its own: UTC protects its own Office of the Future: Office of the Future UTC on the Rise: UTC on the Rise Resources: Resources Dale, Kim Z. "Uproarious Silence." Uproarious Silence . N.p ., 14 Sept. 2013. Web. http :// / . " IBM Social Computing Guidelines." IBM Social Computing Guidelines . IBM, n.d. Web. <http:// /blogs/ zz /en/ guidelines.html >. Martin, Janet. "Second Life: How IBM and Other Companies Conduct Virtual Meetings - Nvate ." Nvate . N.p ., 13 Aug. 2012. Web. <http:// /5381/second-life-meetings/>. Mehta, Diane. "After Second Life, Can Virtual Worlds Get a Reboot?" Forbes . Forbes Magazine, 30 Apr. 2013. Web. <http:// /sites/ dianemehta /2013/04/30/after-second-life-can-virtual-worlds-get-a-reboot/>. Pattison, Kermit. "Why You Should Have Your Next Business Meeting in Second Life." Fast Company . N.p ., n.d. Web. <http:// /955860/why-you-should-have-your-next-business-meeting-second-life>. Schindler, Esther. "Running an Effective Teleconference or Virtual Meeting." CIO . N.p ., 15 Feb. 2008. Web. <http:// /article/2437139/collaboration/running-an-effective-teleconference-or-virtual-meeting.html?page=2>. Tutton , Mark. CNN . Cable News Network, 09 Nov. 2009. Web. <http:// /2009/BUSINESS/11/05/ />. Wagner, Mitch. "Using Second Life As A Business-To-Business Tool - InformationWeek." InformationWeek . N.p ., 26 Apr. 2007. Web. <http:// /cloud/using-second-life-as-a-business-to-business-tool/d/d-id/1054522>.

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