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Published on August 8, 2014

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For more information contact us: [email protected] : For more information contact us: [email protected] e The First to find the best Deals on ebay INTRODUCTION: INTRODUCTION Segbay automates your eBay searches, Alerts you when new items are listed within your search parameters and desired purchase price. Gives you full Mobility to Buy, Bid, Snipe, Watch eBay items using our mobile devices APP. PRODUCT: PRODUCT eBay New Item Alert, Auction Sniper eBay, eBay Auction Alert Software, eBay Auction Sniper App, eBay Sniping App iPhone FEATURES: FEATURES Cloud virtual server-No Downloads Fully integrated APP (iOS/Android) Up to 200 Saved searches) 30 Seconds query ran intervals 3x-way searches- saving search parameters for BuyNow, Auctions & Sellers in One Click Folders Libraries for headers, keywords, excluding words, favorite sellers, black listed, Product Libraries HOW IT WORKS: HOW IT WORKS How Segbay Tools work for you to be the first to find the best deals on eBay, Alert you when new items are listed Segbay is a multi-task software tool designed for eBay buyers looking for specific items within specific price range and parameters. As more items on eBay and other auction sites are listed as a buy it now auctions, you must be the first to know about it, to buy it. Segbay -eBay Bid Sniper Software: Segbay -eBay Bid Sniper Software Segbay allows you to save up to 15 searches on our servers (No Downloads Required). To get best results It is recomended to use as many filtered parameters as price range, item conditions etc, in the search. Once the search is set, you can set the Alerts Frequency as fast as 10 minutes intervals. After The initial search results are displayed, we collect and save the reults data on our server. How Segbay Alert system works: How Segbay Alert system works Via emails: get email notification; If your emails are forwarded to your phone/tablet Device, the email will display the search title, the item number and price Hyperlinked to open with ONE click the eBay browser to the item page. Download our APP to your smartphone/tablet (NO Additional cost), the APP is fully SYNCED to our web server and your searches. You can do it all on the APP, Search eBay items, Buy eBay items, Bid on eBay items, Watch eBay listings, an SNIPE auctions. Segbay -eBay Bid Sniper Mobile App for iOS and Android: Segbay -eBay Bid Sniper Mobile App for iOS and Android Segbay App is available for no additional cost (part of the $ 3.95/month membership fee). App is avilable only after registering to segbay web services (Download instructions is included). App is available during the trial period at no extra cost. App is fully Synced to the Web service and allows full control for the tools. App tools start new searches and save them on our server, Get notified when new items are listed, when you are outbid, place a new bid directly on ebay, or place a Sniper bid on an auction, track you shipements, pay for items bought, manage inventory on items won, Auction Sniper App is available for iOS (iPhones, iPads) and Android phones and tablets. Segbay Pro - ebay Power Buyers best software tools: Segbay Pro - ebay Power Buyers best software tools Cloud virtual server-No Downloads Fully integrated APP (iOS/Android) Up to 200 Saved searches) Search results database collected, compared, and alerts for ONLY newly listed items Auction enabled SNIPER placing bid in last seconds Auto copy search info from completed items in ONE click including categories Itemized tables multiple viewers, Lists & Images. CONTACT-US: CONTACT-US Segbay Ebay Auction Sniper Tool (Web/App) 2601 NE 22nd ST. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305 Florida [email protected] 954-235-0547

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