Select MotorCars Endwell NY Provides Amazing Used Vehicles

Information about Select MotorCars Endwell NY Provides Amazing Used Vehicles

Published on March 10, 2014

Author: allick1



PowerPoint Presentation: Select MotorCars Endwell NY Provides Amazing Used Vehicles PowerPoint Presentation: Select MotorCars Endwell NY is counted amongst the finest companies and provides high quality used vehicles at very competitive rates. Their affordable prices offer a great opportunity to their customers with all kinds of budget to own a vehicle. The company provides used cars, trucks, vans which are perfectly priced between $2490 to $14990. Unlike other companies, such kind of prices are reasonable. Besides this, they also provide a six month warranty with their vehicles. Select MotorCars Endwell NY is a reputed company that offers an extensive range of used vehicles. Their inventory of vehicles includes amazing cars, 4*4's, trucks, and also Sport Utility Vehicles. They make most of their purchases from Virginia, Southern Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware. Apart from a proper showroom and office, they have a complete service shop which is fully equipped with state-of-the-art machines for servicing, inspecting, and cleaning the vehicles. PowerPoint Presentation: Joseph Hallick is the proud owner of Select MotorCars and he himself is highly passionate about cars and has more than 3 decades and 5 years of experience serving the automobile industry. With the aim of meeting vehicle requirements of people residing in New York, in 1986, he started this company on Rt. 26 in West Corners. During the year 1999, he however sold and shifted from this location to Endwell, which is the present location of his company. PowerPoint Presentation: Select MotorCars Endwell NY has a dedicated team of trained and licensed technicians to fulfill different needs of their customers. Owing to their immense knowledge and auto business experience, they are able to offer their customers the buying advice after considering their specific needs. Apart from adequately serving diverse customers' requirements, the Select team regularly participates in auto races and car shows. In fact, they have won a number of such competitions on different venues on the East Coast. PowerPoint Presentation: Thank You Select MotorCars Endwell NY

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