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Published on August 6, 2014

Author: Reyofoster



Self- Defense : Self- Defense An Act To Defend Yourself PowerPoint Presentation: Life is full of unexpected situations. We are live in the world of attackers, burglars and rapists, even if we are not safe in our home too. Self defense is very important for today’s world. Many types of self defense are there. Self defense is the act to defend oneself. There is no restriction for personal safety. There are two types of personal attacks armed and unarmed. Self defense is essential to protect ourselves. PowerPoint Presentation: Basic Martial Arts Techniques Karate Kickboxing Akido Judo Taekwondo Kung Fu Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu PowerPoint Presentation: Karate Kickboxing PowerPoint Presentation: Akido Judo PowerPoint Presentation: Taekwondo Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu PowerPoint Presentation: Selecting a good school and a teacher is very essential for learning martial arts . Basic techniques are definitely must know everyone to get protected themselves from attackers. Gracie Jiu Jitsu Morumbi is well known for their martial arts coaching in Canada.

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