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Published on July 21, 2014

Author: theemerchants



PowerPoint Presentation: Implementing SEO Changes for Big Results Go Mobile Friendly: Go Mobile Friendly As we are living in mobile era, mobile friendly websites are strongly recommended Google recommends responsive web design Responsive web design gives better ranking Positions for mobile driven searches Add Interesting Content: Add Interesting Content Search Engines are fond of content Add high quality content that interests the audience Make sure that the content is unique with no duplicates from other web pages Improve Click Through Rate: Improve Click Through Rate Google Webmaster Tool gives CTR for each query your site appeared in search results Identify the key phrases that have low CTR Optimize the titles and descriptions of poorly performing pages to make them catch the readers eye Be Active on G+: Be Active on G+ Many studies have proven the correlation between Google + and high search rankings Being active on G+ improves Google trust G + is an effective social sharing site with the ability to generate relevant traffic and sales Improve Website Speed: Improve Website Speed Website loading speed is a ranking factor and makes a website user friendly Run a few tests to find out how long it takes to load your website Get suggestions on how to improve the page load time Perform Regular SEO Audit: Perform Regular SEO Audit Perform an SEO audit at least once in a couple of months Audit report helps you identify the areas that need to be fixed and improved A good SEO audit includes social media, on-page & off-page SEO and all other aspects of digital marketing Focus on Local SEO: Focus on Local SEO Local SEO is very important for the businesses that need to target customers in the local area Run a test to check if your website meets all the local SEO parameters Make all the necessary changes to optimize your website for local search terms Follow Competitors: Follow Competitors Remember that you are not alone in the market You are competing with multiple websites across the world It is very essential to find how your competitors performing in terms of content, social media, on-page and off-page SEO PowerPoint Presentation: The- emerchant offers effective and advanced SEO services that bring stunning results for your business. 040-23300827

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