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Published on August 6, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: Arete in its basic sense means excellence of any kind. It has a Greek origin and is pronounced as Arete (pronounced as aa-reyt ) Arete Technologies Your Logo Padmaja Duvvuri , Director, Arete Technologies PowerPoint Presentation: Productive. Innovative. Creative. Competitive. Arete Technologies 2005 - Established 2011- Diversified further into IT Placements and bagged the first project on consultancy basis from IRIS 2007 – received 1 st international quality crown award in Gold category 2009 – received 1 st international quality crown award in Platinum category 2006 – Bagged first International project with project team size of 12 people. 2008 – received 2 st international quality crown award in Diamond category. 2010 – completed a Fully CMS based project for Vashi Railway Station ✓ 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 With a dream in mind, an attitude that mattered, and the passion to deliver the best, started the revolution called Arete PowerPoint Presentation: Your Idea, Our technology, One transformation …Energize your business! Doing more...Doing it better What We Do? Web design & Development , Branding on the NET , Digital Marketing, E-commerce portals , CMS based websites , Web based Application development, Search Engine Optimization, Blogs, Social Media marketing, Friendly Advice. We deliver Audience.: We deliver Audience. Social Media pages PPC You tube Video’s Email Marketing Campaigns Link building Blogging Newsletters SEO Content optimization Directory submission Tweeting Social Media Services: Social Media Services In our opinion, the goal for all of your external marketing efforts should be Data Capture. You should collect your target audiences’ contact information in order to communicate with them repeatedly to maximize understanding and impact for your brand. Social Media is a key part of today’s ongoing relationship between you and your target audience. These are people you can return to again and again with your brand messages! In fact, you can use them to help you create the future projects that they will want from you! Let’s face it, Social Networking is very time consuming, and really… you have to be in the communities, not just on them. How We Serve You!: How We Serve You! We are MORE EXPERIENCED, creating success for our clients through a CUSTOMIZED APPROACH than the majority of social media “companies” that have popped up recently. Based on your project’s campaign and goals, we will work with you to create a strategy for growth and communication through the major social media outlets: Facebook , Twitter, YouTube, Blogging etc., and expand to additional networks if warranted, such as LinkedIn, Myspace , Tubmlr , and others… Arete’s Social Media Management services will serve you well. Arete has been a LEADER in social media SINCE 2007 The following areas are targeted: Profile Design | Friend Creation | Status Updates | Landing Pages | Blogs | Video | Forums | Mobile Integration Social Media Outlets: Social Media Outlets But Wait, There’s More. . .: But Wait, There’s More. . . Contests: We’ll ideate, execute, and manage promotions and giveaways for those who follow (and encourage others to follow) your networks, adding value to your online community while it builds. Check-in Campaigns: If you’re a location-based company or promoting a specific event, we can use geo-tag-enabled resources such as Facebook Check-in and Foursquare to ensure maximum customer engagement and viral promotion. Coaching Sessions: Recruit one of our social media strategists for a one-day intimate coaching seminar where we engage your team with practical tips and strategies to reach today’s socially wired audience. Strategic Partnership Development: Who do you need to know online? Who can help bolster your presence while you serve theirs as well? We’ll connect you with potential partners and media vehicles with the capacity to expand your network with the right people, those whose interests and “likes” fit the audience you are targeting. Case Study: Surabhi Group: Case Study: Surabhi Group The Challenge: Introducing a new concept of Heritage Culture Centre into an urbanized and thinly populated city initially followed by snow balling it to all major metro’s. The Solution: A strong social media and SEO marketing campaign that combined the use of Twitter, Facebook , and Emailer Campaigning, along with a heavy back linking campaign for search engine purposes. The Strategy: A strong emphasis on daily Twitter messages, adding 50-100 followers per day on Twitter, along with organizing local culture festivals syndicated on You tube and Facebook . A secondary campaign added a strong dose of blogging, averaging 9 category-specific articles per day. The Result: In 6 months, The Heritage center popularity grew to an average of nearly 200,000 monthly unique visitors to its website (verified by Statcounter ). resulting in increased revenues and ranking the site at the top of Google in many keyword searches. “Our company has been able to experience the full power of this social networking phenomenon. Through our ongoing social media campaign, we’ve been able to develop considerable awareness” - Pujita , Head of Operations, Surabhi . PowerPoint Presentation: Your Idea, Our technology, One transformation …Energize your business! Other Services that Arete Delivers PowerPoint Presentation: Your Idea, Our technology, One transformation …Energize your business! A good site makes your business. WEB DESIGN Creative and innovative...contemporary As per SEO guidelies In line with your brand image Designed to capture the eye with the tools you need to power the business. PowerPoint Presentation: Your Idea, Our technology, One transformation …Energize your business! Making sites work for you! WEB DEVELOPMENT Productive and of technology Robust coding Empowered by experience, Focused on results. A product is made in the factory, while a brand is made in the mind. PowerPoint Presentation: Your Idea, Our technology, One transformation …Energize your business! Tick all those that apply: My client has taken a product that I sell from some one else I dont know If my client is aware of the new services/products I added to my platter. I dont have time to revisit my client to see if his requirements have grown. Thankfully there is a solution to all these ! Out of sight = out of mind E MAIL MARKETING PowerPoint Presentation: Your Idea, Our technology, One transformation …Energize your business! Frequent Updation Engaging Customers Promotional offers Opportunity to revisit Because …change is inevitable. SITE MAINTENANCE Clients We Serve: Clients We Serve PowerPoint Presentation: making conversations happen Let’s talk, over a cup of Coffee T: +91-22-27814155 M : [email protected] U : At: Corporate Office: C 207, Tower No. 2 , 2 nd Floor, International Infotech Park, Vashi , Navi Mumbai. 400703 Or Registered Office: 401, Srinidhi Nivas , Snehapuri Colony, Habsiguda – Nacharam , Hyderabad – 500 076, Andhra Pradesh, India. Tel No: +91-40-64503655 Follow us on: PowerPoint Presentation: THANK YOU!

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