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Published on August 6, 2014

Author: hurricaneelectronics



PowerPoint Presentation: Sepic Switch Mode Power Supplies PowerPoint Presentation: Hurricane Electronics Lab is owned and operated by Charles and Cheryl Reeve.  They started the business in 1980 in San Jose, California.  Charles was designing switch-mode power supplies in Palo Alto and found there was a shortage of off the shelf inductors and transformers.  They thought this might be the chance they were waiting for to make a living in their home town of Hurricane, Utah.  They packed and moved from Silicon Valley. Hurricane Electronics Lab, Inc. is your source for inductors, transformers, chokes, coils, current transformers, and filters for use in buck, boost, flyback, and sepic switch mode power supplies. We are very proud of our line of products and the service we are able to provide for our customers. We still carry our early flagship product line. Visit our classic series page to see our long time best sellers. Our products are designed and manufactured in the USA. We feature a full standard product line and our engineering team, with over 40 years of design experience, can work with you to develop a custom solution for your new electronic design. Hurricane Electronics Lab PowerPoint Presentation: Products Inductors Hurricane Electronics Lab utilizes three different core materials in its standard line of toroidal inductors. These inductors are catagorized into the "E", "A", and "K" series. For help deciding which series to choose see the inductor selection guide. Also visit our classic series page to see our flagship inductor part numbers. Current Transformers 60 Hertz power control and monitoring High Frequency Applications Current Measurement Power Control Military, industrial, and consumer applications PowerPoint Presentation: For Information please visit

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