Service Learning Project B

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Published on July 12, 2014

Author: Kathryn.Davis



Service Learning Project B: Service Learning Project B Kathryn Davis 7/12/14 Reflection: Reflection For my service learning project, I went around my neighborhood collecting items to donate to Operation Stars & Stripes which sends care packages to troops overseas. I think my service is meaningful because I’m showing my community’s support for the men and women that do so much for us everyday. Our military deserves our support for sacrificing so much just to protect our country. This project was meaningful for me, personally, because its helped me realize that I need to do more for my community and for causes that affect people elsewhere. I’ve done community service work set up by my school in the past, but it always felt like something I had to do. With this project, I could choose what I wanted to help or support. I see that I really need to step up in my community to gain support and recognition for organizations and issues that need it and to give whatever I can. PowerPoint Presentation: Here is the website of the organization that I donated the collected items to:

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