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Published on July 18, 2014

Author: bsudenise



Severe Weather: Severe Weather Severe Weather Click the image of the speaker on each slide to listen.  Created by Mrs. Holder What is severe weather?: What is severe weather? Severe weather is a weather event that… i s dangerous. c an cause problems. c an cause people to die. Where can severe weather happen?: Anywhere ! Different types of severe weather happen in different places. Colorado – tornadoes not hurricanes Where can severe weather happen? Different Types of Severe Weather: Different Types of Severe Weather Blizzard Drought Hurricane Tornado Thunderstorm Blizzard: Blizzard Blowing snow Winds of at least 35 mph Reduced visibility Lasts at least three hours Severe blizzard Source Drought: Drought Lack of precipitation Can be declared after 15 days Can last months or years Source Hurricane: Hurricane Gains power as it travels over warm ocean waters Winds between 75-200 mph Usually lasts over a week Source Tornado: Tornado Rotating column of wind High winds G reat destruction Fujita scale Source Thunderstorm: Thunderstorm Storm with lightning and thunder Gusty winds Heavy rain Source Group Activity: Group Activity Groups of 4 Research one type of severe weather Use resources other than this slide show Create a Google slide Link to the activity directions HERE

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Severe Weather 521
13. 07. 2014

Severe Weather 521