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Published on November 10, 2014

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SharePoint: Introduction SharePoint By QuontraSolutions Email : [email protected] Call : 404-900-9988 WebSite : What is SharePoint: What is SharePoint SharePoint a platform and not a program, and contains many programs . You can set up Web sites. Use the largest government companies in the world and the biggest banks. Facilitates the process of interaction between staff within organizations large Designers and developers and experts SharePoint wanted to be the site of the market is the asset SharePoint. Stages of learning SharePoint: Stages of learning SharePoint Until you learn SharePoint correctly , you must specify exactly what you want to be in this area, And the following major divisions that could specializes in the business through the SharePoint : Data Entry. SharePoint Developer. SharePoint Administrator . Cont.: Cont. Divisions of the previous three mentioned logical sequence from my view it is easier to more complex , but this does not mean that the process of data entry is an easy process. Each of these phases is divided into several different stages in each and every one of them learn threads are all in the end interconnected with each other , but the extent of depth in these subjects varies from one stage to another. Cont.: Cont . For example , understand the definition of a column Site differs from the stage of data entry to the stage of the developer to the stage manager. And this concept passes in all three phases , but with a difference in how to look at the concept of column Site in each stage , and when progress in the early stages increases the concepts and complexities associated with shaft Site. So they all topics related to each stage of learning SharePoint means that the entry of the next stage will be easier and more useful. Tip: Tip Do not exceed any important concept was simple while you learn SharePoint and SharePoint , especially in the first phase , " Data Entry". There is no doubt that all the three stages of the previous requirements must be achieved by anyone who wants to enter into the world of SharePoint correctly , and the loss of any requirement of the requirements does not mean not being able to bypass the stage and it means a lack of understanding of the topics this stage. PowerPoint Presentation: Every stage of ( Data Entry , SharePoint Developer and SharePoint Administrator ) must be achieved by anyone who wants to enter into the world of SharePoint correctly, The loss of any requirement of the requirements does not mean inability to pass the stage but it means a lack of understanding of this topics, These requirements are distributed as follows: Data Entry : Data Entry Good knowledge in Microsoft Office. Know the basics of HTML tags that allow for data entry to at least understand the way the drafting of the code HTML. Good understanding of the three types of images jpg, gif, png used for the representation of graphic images on the Internet. Knowledge of Flash and What is the purpose of it. Excellent understanding of the function of the entrance of the data regardless of the technology or the tools used for data entry. SharePoint Developer: SharePoint Developer knowledge of public programming concepts that are not related to any programming language or technology. A good level in JavaScript . knowledge code HTML. Excellent knowledge in either C # or VB.NET. Proficiency in ASP.NET technology and everything about them . Understanding of the work environment SharePoint Framework and how to build it and the techniques used in the process of construction. Mastery of Web services. Initial knowledge databases (assume that the programmer will not deal with the database directly . SharePoint Administrator: SharePoint Administrator Mastery of the data entry process to SharePoint work as a developer SharePoint for a sufficient period to allow him his understanding correctly. knowledge core of networks. Understanding of all the services provided by SharePoint correctly and the objective of each service . Understand all the functions of Server Roles on which it runs SharePoint. Thank you!: Thank you!

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