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Published on August 7, 2014

Author: divinedesignshihtzu



Shih Tzu Puppies : Shih Tzu Puppies We are an in-home breeder of AKC Shih Tzu Puppies located within the Dallas-Ft. Worth area of Texas. All of our moms and their puppies live inside of our home with the family. They are all given individual love, attention, and lots of play time on a daily basis. They live in a clean environment and are integrated with all of the normal sights and sounds of a busy household. We feel this is important to their socialization and well-being because the puppy will be able to quickly transition the new owner's household. Puppies For Sale: Puppies For Sale Linus is a sweet and spunky little boy. He was born 01-15-14. He is ready for his new home now! Mystic Male SALE $650: Mystic Male SALE $650 Tatianna and Eminem's litter was born 04-03-14 All puppies have received one set of shots already. Useful Product: Useful Product Iris Plastic Play Pen We feed our dogs Blue Buffalo Holistic dog food Use Epi - Otic ear wash to clean the shih tzu ears In Memory Of Cowboy: In Memory Of Cowboy I noticed ht little white and brown puppy with green eyes and was immediately drawn to his sweet face and cute little brown nose. I held him and played with him for a few minutes but told myself "no" because I felt that I should look at more than one puppy before I made a decision. I put him down and tried to look at the other puppies for a minute or two. But, Before I knew it, I was right back to the same puppy, holding him and playing with him. This time, I Could no longer say "no" so I purchased my first Shih Tzu puppy and named him "Cowboy". Past Puppies: Past Puppies Sassy / Leroy Puppy "Gracie" "Sadie" a Bella/ Pierre Puppy PowerPoint Presentation: For more information please visit PO Box 181044, Arlington, Texas 76096 USA Call: 817-808-1577

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