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Published on August 10, 2014

Author: scotttsummer



PowerPoint Presentation: Services We Provide At PowerPoint Presentation: Sigma Infotech is a leading web design and software development company that offers custom designed software, web design, e-commerce, Search Engine Optimisation , Content Management Systems, online business solutions and custom solutions . Sigma Infotech is a family owned business that has rapidly grown in the last 2 years on the back of strong technical skills and exceptional customer service. About Us PowerPoint Presentation: Services Website Design SEO PPC Mobile Apps Website Apps CMS Our Services PowerPoint Presentation: Website Design We Offer A Comprehensive Website Design Service Catering For Small Businesses And Corporate Organisations A like. Doesn‘t Matter What Your Size Is We Can Help You Achieve An Online Presence That Delivers You Online Success . We start by finding out what you need a website for, i.e. whether you are looking to increase sales or simply wish to grab the visitors’ attention. If your purpose is to inform the visitors of what you offer, we make sure that we are aware of it. We have our own reasons behind this. PowerPoint Presentation: Search Engine Optimaisation Search engines play a vital role in establishing your business on the web. However, placing your website on the first page of the search engines is a huge challenge, especially if you operate in a highly competitive industry. Sigma Infotech is one SEO company that knows how to overcome this challenge, and applies 100% ethical optimisation strategies to provide you distinct advantage over your competitors. PowerPoint Presentation: Pay Per Click If you have searched anything on Google, Yahoo or Bing you would have noticed that there are sponsored ads at the top of the page, on the right hand side and some time at the bottom of the page. These are the ads that are generated through Pay Per Click (also known as Adwords on Google). Pay Per Click Advertising is fast becoming one of the most sort after means of advertising as search engines have started giving them more and more prominence. PowerPoint Presentation: Mobile Apps Mobile Apps For Smartphones And Phablets Are The Need Of The Hour. When Your Customers Are Getting Mobile, So Should You. mobile apps. Yes, with the popularity of these apps on the rise, you can no longer do without them. So, what is it that has been making mobile applications (or apps) popular? First of all, these are no longer limited to information retrieval and even general productivity is not the key focus area anymore. PowerPoint Presentation: Website Apps As websites and intranets have grown and become more complex, there is a limit to what a static website can do and offer. More and more customers are moving towards web application development. We at Sigma Infotech are aware of the increasing trends in technology and the growth opportunities it offers to businesses by developing their Intranets. PowerPoint Presentation: Content Management Systems Content Management Systems are becoming more popular as many clients now need the ability to update information on their website at a regular interval without ongoing expense. We are able to offer a custom designed Content Management System to meet your exact requirements. We are able to offer a custom designed Content Management System to meet your exact requirements. Our Content management System is a browser based solution that allows you to update and manage your website from any part of the world using your authorised access information and a web browser. PowerPoint Presentation: Why Work With Sigma Infotech Do you want a new website for your business or get your existing one redesigned? Are you worried about your website getting lost on the Web and never be found by the target audience? Do you want to explore the business potential offered by various social media platforms, but don’t know how to go about it? Or, do you wish to simplify the complex work of your employees through a comprehensive software solution? PowerPoint Presentation: Contact Us Address: 1.03 , 29-31 Lexington Drive, Bella Vista NSW 2153 Website : Phone : 1300 78 20 23 Fax : 1300 79 44 02

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