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Published on November 10, 2014

Author: cisosantos1


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We are the proud manufacturers of the Silentwind premium range of products. These include wind turbines, power blades, wind and solar hybrid kits, mounting systems and accessories. Our high quality wind generators can be used for marine and land applications, off-grid or grid connected.

We can provide solutions for various applications such as: sailboats, caravans and motorhomes, recreational vehicles, remote homes and cabins (e.g. summer cottages and mountain shelters), telecoms, military, monitoring stations, water pumping, agricultural, powering CCTV cameras, signage and signaling, and projects in underdeveloped countries.

Wind energy also means green energy. As compared to gas or diesel powered generators, wind generators are a very eco-friendly method of generating energy. There is no harmful discharge to the environment, and wind generators tap into an endless natural resource.

We commit ourselves to a constant search for improvement as well as developing the best quality products in our industry. The SILENTWIND windgenerators are the choice of the experts!

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