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Published on October 5, 2009

Author: Cois.cilliers



English - Language Based Work : English - Language Based Work The Singular and Plural Form Homophones and Homonyms Teaching Grammar Creatively By Francois Cilliers The Singular and Plural Form : The Singular and Plural Form The Singular form literally means “one” or “as a unit” e.g. The Staff / The child The Plural form expresses the meaning of “more than one” or “many” e.g. The children / The men Change the Following to Plurals : Change the Following to Plurals Church Churches Hero Heroes Die Dice VIP VIPs Important Rule! Some nouns take only a SINGULAR form as they are UNCOUNTABLE e.g. ADVICE, KNOWLEDGE, etc. Homophones and Homonyms : Homophones and Homonyms HOMOPHONES are words that are pronounced in the same way, but differ in spelling and meaning e.g. We talk aloud - We are allowed to go. HOMONYMS are words spelt and pronounced in an identical way, but have different meanings and functions e.g. He hit the ball over the net - The prince met Cinderella at the ball. Exercise Based on Homophones and Homonyms : Exercise Based on Homophones and Homonyms Explain the difference between homophones and homonyms to a Grade 5 learner: Give ideas! Slide 6: The word “bat” has “three” different meanings. Write three sentences to show the different meanings. (Twice as a noun and once as a verb) The bat sleeps in the cave at night. He played with an exceptional cricket bat in the tournament. He will bat first for his team. Slide 7: Look at the following words, then think of another word with the same pronunciation, but with a different spelling: Male Mail Wear Where Through Threw Slide 8: Pray Prey Weather Whether Hire Higher Please note! There may be asked of you to use these words in a sentence to clarify its meaning. Teaching Grammar CrEaTiVeLy : Teaching Grammar CrEaTiVeLy Brainstorm five things that you could do to make grammar more exciting for the learners in your classroom one day Ideas May Include… : Ideas May Include… Motivation To ensure that the learners would actually want to learn. You can even sing if you want to! =) This will motivate them to be excited about the work. Slide 11: Using DRAMA (roleplay / acting) in the classroom This will ensure that the learners actually stay interested. Finding easier ways of explaining the work to learners Try to explain difficult grammar rules in an easier way, so that the learners can actually understand the work better. Slide 12: Reward learners when they got an answer correct! This will motivate them to try and do the work correctly everytime. Rewards may include a chocolate bar, etc. Be cautious of being too strict with learners in the classroom when they got an answer incorrect Know that they are not perfect and that it is human to make mistakes - Even we, as educators sometimes make mistakes. Thank You! : Thank You!

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