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Published on December 17, 2009

Author: cumulusguy



Slide 1: 1 Six Slides on Social NicheWorking Success in Social Media : Success in Social Media Editorial Established, trusted brands extending into social media. Startups with a unique angle or POV (e.g. Huffington Post, Daily Candy,, blog networks, etc) Utility User-empowerment– enabling the audience to more than reader, watcher, listener. Typified by search (Google, Ask, Yahoo, etc) social networking (like Facebook), media sharing (like Flickr and YouTube), self-expression (like blogs or Twitter), geo-tagging (like Google Maps, Foursquare or Brightkite), event planning (like Pingg and Eventful), and many others. 2 The top 1000 most-trafficked web destinations are predominantly utility-centric. Broad vs. Niche : Broad vs. Niche Social media is following the "general to niche" trend, or co-existence we've previously seen in general commerce and the collective media industry. 3 Social Nicheworking : Social Nicheworking Utility will be subsumed by Affinity or Passion Group “Utility-centric" apps (like social networking, microblogging, photo-sharing, event planning, etc) are being subsumed by integrated apps centered on a passion, hobby, industry or other affinity group. 4 Those who provide a “niche” online/mobile experience that combines Editorial POV + Subject Matter Expertise + Passion-Centric Social Utility will win the audience/user. Answer: Both! A Platform to Capture Social Nicheworks: PlanetTagger : A Platform to Capture Social Nicheworks: PlanetTagger Re-brandable, location-enabled, integrated social marketing (ISM) app to use for: Integrating and optimizing disparate social media marketing and editorial activities of a brand. Creating a center for members of an affinity group’s social media utilities– event planning, mapping, sharing, commenting, curating, etc.: Engage your super-users. A safe path for integrating an editorial company culture with a user-generated audience culture. Location-enabled: Unlocking local, mobile and geo-targeted advertising revenue streams Local advertising Flash-mobbing/flash-shopping and mobile couponing “Editorial voice” safely and contextually combined with user-generated activity. Passion-specific microblogging, media sharing, geo-tagging, event marketing, and more. 5 A Location-Enabled Integrated Social Marketing (ISM) Platform : A Location-Enabled Integrated Social Marketing (ISM) Platform 6    The PlanetTagger platform is white-label. It can be easily re-branded, re-skinned and used for different passion groups. Brides & Weddings Travelers Golfers Foodies Capture, Leverage & Monetize : 7 Publisher Integrate your De-Centralized Social Media Marketing and Messaging (as a Publisher, CableNet, Brand Custodian, etc). Users Harness the Social Media Utility Usage of Members of your Target Niche Passion Group. Engage the “Creators” (super-users) and the Contributors, Opportunists and Lurkers will follow. Sponsors and Advertisers Create a focused, targeted, location-enabled environment into which to lace advertising and marketing. Capture, Leverage & Monetize Slide 8: 8 Jim Banister +1 435 901 3001

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