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Published on July 31, 2014

Author: kusumangell



Orissa Engineering College: Orissa Engineering College DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Seminar 1 SKINPUT TECHNOLOGY : Guided by:- Er. PRAGYAN PARAMITA DAS SKINPUT TECHNOLOGY Appropriating the body as an input surface Presented By:- Kusum Bera Regd no:- 1101211448 2 SKINPUT TECHNOLOGY Contents: Introduction Difference B/W Touch Screen & Skinput What Skinput Does? How it works? Input Location Accuracy Applications Advantages Disadvantages Future Implication Conclusion References Contents 3 SKINPUT TECHNOLOGY Introduction: It turns the body into Touch Screen Interface . Developed By Chris Harrison, Desney Tan And Dan Morris of the Microsoft Research’s Computational User Experiences Group . It is a Technology That Appropriates The Human Body For Acoustic Transmission . Introduction 4 SKINPUT TECHNOLOGY (Contd…..): Project Is Under Active Development And Is Not Available Commercially. (Contd …..) 5 SKINPUT TECHNOLOGY Its First Public Appearance Was At Microsoft's Techfest 2010: Its First Public Appearance Was At Microsoft's Techfest 2010 6 SKINPUT TECHNOLOGY Difference B/W Touch Screen And Skinput: TOUCH SCREEN (Physical Interface needed) Difference B/W Touch Screen And Skinput SKINPUT (No Physical Interface Required) 7 SKINPUT TECHNOLOGY What Skinput Technology ?: Allows User To Tap Their skin To Control Audio Device, Make Call , Play Game And For Navigation Purposes. Uses Series Of Sensors To Determine Tapped Location. Detects Waves Produced Due To Finger Tap To Perform Action What Skinput Technology ? 8 SKINPUT TECHNOLOGY (Contd…..): Each Part Of The Body Creates Different Types Of Variation Depending On The Features Of Bones And Muscles. Skinput Listens To These Variations To Determine Tapped Location . (Contd ….. ) 9 SKINPUT TECHNOLOGY WHAT MAKES IT WORK ?: WHAT MAKES IT WORK ? 10 SKINPUT TECHNOLOGY How Skinput Works ? Pico-Projector : A very small projector basically used in gadgets. E.g. Spice Popcorn (Mobile cum Projector) How Skinput Works ? Pico-Projector 11 SKINPUT TECHNOLOGY (Contd…) Bioacoustic: Study Of Sound Waves Inside Human Body. When Finger Taps Following Waves Are Produced Longitudinal Waves Transverse Waves These Waves Serves Input For The System . (Contd … ) Bioacoustic 12 SKINPUT TECHNOLOGY Bio-Acoustic: Bio-Acoustic 13 SKINPUT TECHNOLOGY Bio-Acousting : Sensing: Bio-Acousting : Sensing These signals need to be sensed and worked upon This is done by wearing the wave sensor Armband 14 SKINPUT TECHNOLOGY PROCESSING : Model: PROCESSING : Model An audio interface is captured from sensors and is converted to digital signal form This is connected to a pc system via Bluetooth A software to match sound frequencies to specific skin location is used. Corresponding implemented to system 15 SKINPUT TECHNOLOGY Input Locations: Input Locations Fingers (5 Locations) Whole Arm(5 Locations) Forearm (10 Location) To Maximize the Surface Area For Input , We Placed The Sensor Above The Elbow Leaving the Forearm Free. 16 SKINPUT TECHNOLOGY Accuracy: Accuracy 17 SKINPUT TECHNOLOGY Applications: Applications Mobile Gaming I-pods Simpler Browsing Systems. An aid to paralyzed people 18 SKINPUT TECHNOLOGY Advantages: Advantages No Need To interact with the Gadget directly . Skinput Will Bring a New Way Of Operating a Mobile Phone By Turning a Persons Hand Into a Keyboard And Forearm Into a Screen People With Larger Finger Get Trouble in Navigating Tiny Buttons On Mobile Phones . With Skinput That Problem Disappears. 19 SKINPUT TECHNOLOGY Disadvantages: Disadvantages 20 SKINPUT TECHNOLOGY Accuracy Can Degrade Over Time The Longer You Wear It. Technology Might Start Up At Very High Cost Which Can Not Be Affordable For The Common Man. PowerPoint Presentation: 21 SKINPUT TECHNOLOGY Research is Carried For smaller Wrist Watch Sized Sensor Armband Conclusion: Conclusion 22 SKINPUT TECHNOLOGY System Perform Very Well For a Series Of Gestures Even If The Body Is In Motion. This Approach Provides An Always Available, Naturally Portable And On Body Finger Input System. Skinput Is Very Interesting Technology But Its Fate Will Ultimately Depend On How Committed Microsoft Is To Make It A Commercial Reality And How Soon. References: References 23 SKINPUT TECHNOLOGY PowerPoint Presentation: 24 SKINPUT TECHNOLOGY PowerPoint Presentation: 25 SKINPUT TECHNOLOGY Thank You

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