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Published on February 17, 2012

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SMART NOTE TAKER: SMART NOTE TAKER By A.RAJA KUMARI (08R01A0402) Under the guidance of Mr. Shaik Basha introduction : introduction Smart note taker is a pen which is able to write in air and that information is stored in the memory chip of that pen. It is made by Kawell Industry in Hongkong. Note Taker : Note Taker Features Specifications » Note Taker : Features Specifications » Note Taker Handwriting recognition and save. In Mobiles. Pen and ink features. PowerPoint Presentation: It is used to write the notes and it is loaded into the computers. But it is not editable. Pc note taker: PowerPoint Presentation: Use your pen as a mouse. Easy-to-use wireless connection. Works on any paper with normal ink refill. Features of pc note taker: Smart note taker: Smart note taker Note taker and pc note taker cannot fulfill the requirements of the user. So, to overcome the drawbacks of both “smart note taker” came into existence. Working:: Working: Using the smart note taker we can write in air and record the voices and so on. It is stored in the internal memory. This stored data is upload to pc using USB. Then we can edit or print the written data.  working of the smart note taker:: working of the smart note taker: Main features: Main features Highly Portable Pen. Recognize Handwritten Notes. Expandable memory chip is used. Recognize up to 22 Languages. advantages: advantages Good and helpful for blinds. Play an important role, where two people talks on the phone. To sense 3D shapes and motions. An additional feature of the product which will monitor the notes. It is used in presentations also. It is reliable and powerful. disadvantages: disadvantages Cost of the smart note taker is very high. Only high class people can afford this type of note takers. Conclusion: Conclusion Hence I can conclude that the smart note taker is a device that can store visual recordings and thus can be used widely. The system will try to improve a pen, which helps people get rid of typing problems on computer by the technology. THANK YOU: THANK YOU

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