smartphone culture: reshaping social networking & gaming

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Published on July 21, 2011

Author: FaizanS



Slide 1: Smartphone Culture: Reshaping Social Networking and Gaming on Mobile Platforms Slide 2: Avenue Social Inc. is a full service Social Media Agency with over 5000 applications , Fan Pages and Campaigns on the Social & Mobile platforms for brands like Heineken, Sony, Universal and many Fortune 500 companies . We have a qualified team of over 250 professionals spread over 5 countries . Which are the leading Social Networks?: Which are the leading Social Networks? Facebook has over 750 million active users. LinkedIn plays host to over 250 million users worldwide How many smartphone users access Facebook on their mobiles?: How many smartphone users access Facebook on their mobiles? 250 million Facebook users access Facebook through their mobile devices. Which mobile game development companies are investing?: Which mobile game development companies are investing? CrowdStar launches a $10 million venture fund, StarFund. Budget will be spent on scouting and training prospective mobile game developers. Smartphone Ownership Growth: Smartphone Ownership Growth 35% growth of Smartphone ownership from 2010. Half of USA’s population is expected to own smartphones in a few years. Social Games on Smartphones: Social Games on Smartphones 45% Smartphone users play social games on their phones. Smartphone users 3-5 times more likely to indulge in online activities such as social networking and gaming. # of Smartphone Apps Downloaded: # of Smartphone Apps Downloaded More than 10 billion apps downloaded in 2010. Great Growth for Smartphone Apps: Great Growth for Smartphone Apps Millions of apps downloaded every day . Harness the power of app marketplace . Growth of mobiles linked with social networks and social gaming . Addendum: About Avenuesocial: A Practical Beginner’s Guide was a commissioned as a free resource for small businesses by Avenuesocial. Avenuesocial’s team helps countless business start and expand their social media presence through custom application development, media buying and campaign management Addendum: About Avenuesocial Slide 11: Avenuesocial Inc. is a social media agency that provides: Facebook Application Development Mobile Apps Development Community Management Social Marketing Strategies & Maintenance Campaign Our Services Contact Us: Avenuesocial Inc. Plug and PlayTech Center 440 North Wolfe Road Sunnyvale, CA 94085 – 3869 Phone : (510)-275-4485 Fax : (510)-943-5941 Email : [email protected] Join us: http:// Follow us: http:// Contact Us

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