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Published on December 16, 2009

Author: devplan



Are you sick and tired of : Are you sick and tired of being commanded when to smoke? You probably already know : You probably already know the effects of smoking and what it does to the body… Having seen the potential dangers, : Having seen the potential dangers, has not caused youto stop smoking? So - why would you : So - why would you stop smoking? Let’s look at what happens : Let’s look at what happens when you stop smoking … Already after 20 Minutes: : Already after 20 Minutes: blood pressure and heart rate return to normal. Within 48 hours, : Within 48 hours, there is no carbon monoxide or nicotine in the body. and : and taste and smell senses are improved. You save in 1 year : You save in 1 year around $2,500.00 As a non-smoker : As a non-smoker travelling becomes a whole lot easier Improved fitness : Improved fitness for hobbies and family time is appreciated. Your breath : Your breath is free of smoke Your clothes : Your clothes are free of smell from smoke. Your kisses : Your kisses are free of stale smoke taste. There are no : There are no Cigarette butts and full ash trays at your home. You don’t freeze your hands off in winter time. : You don’t freeze your hands off in winter time. (holding a cigarette) … and most importantly … : … and most importantly … You give yourself back … : You give yourself back … Your pride and self respect! : Your pride and self respect! Visit:

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