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Published on December 29, 2010

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Social Implications of Mobile Technology in Emerging Markets: Social Implications of Mobile Technology in Emerging Markets Michelle Walls University of Washington PowerPoint Presentation: People say a lot about mobile technology and emerging markets… C.K. Prahalad: C.K. Prahalad “Cell phones are a part of the lives of the rich and poor alike…as a result, awareness of the conditions and nuances of the Bottom of the Pyramid is increasing.” Richard Ling: Richard Ling “Mobile communication allows us to participate in social interactions that were previously reserved for only those who where physically present….participation has been given a new dimension.” Clay Shirky: Clay Shirky “When we change the way we communicate, we change society.” PowerPoint Presentation: That’s great, but… What is meant by “emerging markets?” Paul Collier: “Countries that are now at the bottom of the global economic system…five billion of the six billion people in the world.” Paul Collier C.K. Prahalad: “The invisible, unserved market…the world’s poorest consumers.” C.K. Prahalad Jonathan Donner: “Mobile penetration in emerging markets has grown 321% compared to 46% in developed countries.” Jonathan Donner PowerPoint Presentation: That’s great, but… What about the social implications? Blurring of Livelihoods: A survey of small enterprises in Rwanda found 1/3 of calls/SMS are business related. Remainder of usage is to talk with friends and family. Stronger business relationships are formed: Micro-coordination*: build stronger relationships with those you already know. Blurring of Livelihoods *concept by Richard Ling Pursuit of Relationships: Your interaction across the mobile phone can help identify and describe your relationship. Can determine power and status by the user’s etiquette to interrupt face to face conversations to answer the phone. Straight Talk Foundation in Uganda enables teens to use SMS to gain knowledge about sex, a taboo topic. Teens in Sudan are often staying up late to partake in the “free minutes.” Pursuit of Relationships Family Communication: Midwives Mobile-Phone Project in Indonesia “Indonesia has the highest maternal mortality ratio amongst Southeast Asian countries.” “In 2006, 9.7 million children who died were under 5 years old, of which 4 million did not live past their first month.” Mobile technology can bridge the gap between information and field implementation by being a: producer of opportunity enhancer of capabilities enabler of social ties generator of knowledge Enhance social, professional and trust engagement between healthcare workers, providers and community. Family Communication *Statics provided by the World Health Org 2007 and UN Children’s Fund 2007 Technology Value Diagram: Technology Value Diagram Bridging the gap between information and implementation: *From study: Midwives and Mobiles Other Social Impacts of Technology: Other Social Impacts of Technology Human Development Report measures: Mobile phones as a status symbol Provide security and early warning * Benkler , Wealth of Networks * PowerPoint Presentation: So, what do we know now? PowerPoint Presentation: The adoption and growth of mobile technology in developing worlds is good. Mobile technology offer s a door to a world outside communities, which allows for innovation and educational opportunities. “Ritual interaction is still a central function of the collective.” (Ling) Access to information is key for innovation! Despite all the different cultures around the world, the importance of communication is universal. Questions?: Questions? Continue the conversation at:

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