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Published on December 21, 2009

Author: DavidSinghiser



Libertas Internet Marketing : Libertas Internet Marketing Social Media & Internet Marketing David Singhiser What Is Social Media? : What Is Social Media? Think of it as a party. Meet people online. Common interests Web 2.0 Four Top Sites : Four Top Sites Facebook LinkedIn Better Networker Twitter Facebook : Facebook Largest and Most Popular Find friends through school and employment networks. Share pictures, videos, and music. LinkedIn : LinkedIn Business Network Post Employment and Education History. Post Links To Your Business. Establish Yourself As Leader and Expert. Better Networker : Better Networker Social Community For Home Business Owners Share Quality: Information, Questions Comments Articles This is a place to learn and share information. Don’t SPAM! Twitter : Twitter Short Posts of 140 Characters Share Quality: Information Quotes Questions Comments Articles Music Videos Don’t SPAM! Why Use Social Media? : Why Use Social Media? Establish Internet Presence. Build Relationships and Trust. Share Quality Information, Quotes, Questions, Comments, Articles, and Videos. It’s FREE! Spam? : Spam? I say, “Oh, nay nay.” Remember: You’re at a party. Get to know people. You’re not there to hand out business cards. Remember : Remember Don’t spend too much time partying. You still need to work on other marketing strategies. Build Relationships. Provide quality service, information and help. For More Information : For More Information Follow me on: Facebook LinkedIn Better Networker Twitter

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