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Published on July 19, 2014

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SOFTWARE APPLICATION BS2003FP: SOFTWARE APPLICATION BS2003FP Project Topic : 4 Computer Hardware & Software Maintenance Tasks Muhyiddin Yusoff (3) S9530824D BJ1401K Lecturer: mr Alex hee Table of content: Table of content Slide 3 - 7 Defragmentation Scan Disk Slide 8 - 13 Disk Cleanup Slide 14 – 19 Regular scanning of viruses Slide 20-26 What is Defragmentation? : What is Defragmentation? Hard drive becomes fragmented when created and delete files. Data is split and stored in different areas. Helps to frees up disk space and speeds up computer. Utility to organize all files inside hard drive in computer. 1/5 How to Defrag your Hard Drive?: How to Defrag your Hard Drive? Stop using computer while defragmenting the drive. Stop all programs running including screen saver. This make take a few minutes. NOTE: 2/5 Defragmenting your Hard Drive : Go to start menu & click ‘All Programs’ Scroll & click on ‘Accessories’ From there, you will see ‘System Tools’ file, click it Scroll down and click on ‘Disk Defragmenter’ Defragmenting your Hard Drive 3/5 Defragmenting your Hard Drive : The Disk Defragmenter utility window appears You may ‘Analyze’ your disk first if not, Click ‘Defragment’ to (C :) Drive Defragmenter begins analyzing hard drive to what files are fragmented. Defragmenting your Hard Drive 4/5 Defragmenting your Hard Drive : Defragmenting your Hard Drive System will ‘Relocate’ files stored in a different place. ‘Consolidate’ to combine into a single more effective ways. Defragmenter runs on ‘Schedule’ and ‘manually ’ . Once Defragment is complete the utility will close by itself. 7/19/2014 5/5 Definition - What does Scan Disk mean? (Disk Operating System): Definition - What does Scan Disk mean? (Disk Operating System) Scanning and attempt to fix errors on hard floppy disks. Automatically activated when rebooting computer that is not properly shutdown. Or if it detects initial disk problems. Check within the C:Drive itself and using the command prompt. 1/6 PowerPoint Presentation: Go to start menu & click ‘Computer’ or ‘shortcut’. Either check your (C: drive/ D: Drive) by ‘right clicking’ and press ‘properties’ . Used space as well as the Free space on drive. How to Scan Disk using error-checking 2/6 PowerPoint Presentation: Go to ‘tools’ for Error-checking press ‘check now’ . Disk options utility appears. Tick ‘both options’ and press ‘Start’ for attempt recovery of bad sectors. 7. ‘Restart’ Computer and it automatically check the file system that you tick. How to Scan Disk using error-checking 3/6 PowerPoint Presentation: 1. 2. 3. 4. Performs full surface scan for damage of hard drives and floppy disks. Automatically fixes cross-linked files and lost clusters. Can be run from command line, permitting it to be run by booting from a floppy disk -Recognizes 'compressed' volumes. -Recognizes ‘long filenames’ . Benefits of using Scan Disk 4/6 Video on chkdsk using command prompt : Video on chkdsk using command prompt 5/6 Video on chkdsk using properties tools: Video on chkdsk using properties tools 6/6 What is Disk Cleanup?: What is Disk Cleanup? Scans computer’s hard drive and files to delete unnecessary files. Involves searching and analyzing files that no longer use.  Allows the user to quickly review the selected file categories. Choose the files to be deleted from the hard drive. 1/6 PowerPoint Presentation: Right-click the  ’Start’  button. Click  ’Control Panel’ . If  ’Control Panel’ view is set to   ’Category’ drop-down menu choose   ’Small icons’ . Click  ’Administrative Tools’ . Running Disk Cleanup on Windows 2/6 PowerPoint Presentation: Double-click ‘Disk Cleanup’ . Choose the drive you want to clean (generally the C drive). Click  ’OK’ . 8. ‘Choose’ checkboxes for the file types you want to delete. Running Disk Cleanup on Windows 3/6 PowerPoint Presentation: Dialog box will appear click ‘Delete Files’ . 10. ‘Disk Cleanup utility’ will close automatically when done. For ‘Windows 7/Vista’ , follow these steps.. Running Disk Cleanup on Windows 4/6 PowerPoint Presentation: File categories that Disk Cleanup Targets 1 Compression of old files 2 Temporary Internet files 3 Temporary Windows files 4 Downloaded program files 5/6 PowerPoint Presentation: 5 Recycle Bin 6 Removal of unused applications or optional Windows components 7 Setup log files 8 Off-line files File categories that Disk Cleanup Targets 6/6 PowerPoint Presentation: Regular scanning of viruses Antivirus software or virus scanner is an accessible methods for protecting computer. Protect personal information; bank account balances, emails and files downloaded. Antivirus is used to prevent, detect and remove malicious viruses. Examples like viruses, Trojan, rootkits, spyware, adware etc. 1/7 PowerPoint Presentation: Run the Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool. To run the tool, download file from Microsoft and run it. No installer required. Microsoft provided malware removal tool will check for any malicious software. Not a replacement for anti-virus, but best way to get rid of some malwares. Regular scanning of viruses 2/7 PowerPoint Presentation: Regular scanning of viruses If affected, the tool would alert and remove the virus. Click ‘View detailed results of the scan’ to see more information. 3/7 PowerPoint Presentation: Scroll down the list to find the current threat and results. The tool should be updated automatically through Windows Update. You can always just download it directly as well. Regular scanning of viruses 4/7 PowerPoint Presentation: 7/19/2014 Top 3 Free Antivirus 2014 Cons Excellent protection against malware attack on a clean system. Effective malware removal. Virus definitions are updated periodically and automatically. Pros Lost all connectivity after scans. 5/7 PowerPoint Presentation: Pros Cons Free Antivirus 2014 Top 3 Free Antivirus 2014 Features decent interface with simple, easy-to-use controls. Good antivirus program for beginners and experienced users. Scans all files when accessed split second before opening. Used to require uninstallation of other products. Parental Controls is easily bypassed. 6/7 PowerPoint Presentation: Top 3 Free Antivirus 2014 Pros Cons Provides on-access protection from viruses and other malware. Includes a silent mode to hide alerts during gaming and other full-screen activities. Works with Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP. Attempts to install unrelated (but safe) software Registration is periodically required but it is free 7/7 PowerPoint Presentation: Defragmentation – Slide 3 & 4 Cybermission- What is Defragmentation ppt Scan Disk – Slide 7 What does Scan Disk mean? Scan disk – Slide 11 Advantages of using Scan Disk Scan Disk – Slide 12 & 13 (video) Video on chkdsk command prompt Video on check disk using property tools Regular Scanning of viruses - Slide 21 -23 How to scan and remove malicious viruses Top 3 Free AntiVirus 2014 – Slide 24-26 Pros/Cons AVG Pros/Cons AVIRA Pros/Cons AVAST References : Hyperlink

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