SOIL Pollution

Information about SOIL Pollution

Published on August 7, 2010

Author: srichemist



Presentation slide of soil pollution : Presentation slide of soil pollution SRIRAM V LECTURER IN CHEMISTRY KONGUNADU COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY THOTTIAM Slide 2: SOIL POLLUTION Contamination of soil by human and natural activities which cause harmful effects on living beings Sources of soil pollution : Sources of soil pollution Industrial wastes Urban wastes Agricultural wastes Radioactive pollutants Biological agents Industrial wastes : Industrial wastes Paper mills Chemical industries Tanneries Textiles Oil refineries Fertilizers Pesticides Coal & mineral mining industries & so on Effects : Effects Alters the biological properties of soil Disturbs human food chain Serious effects on human life Urban wastes : Urban wastes Sources Plastics Glasses Garbage and rubbish materials Rubber Street sweepings Fuel residues Discarded manufactured products Effects Nondegradables harm the environment Agricultural practices : Agricultural practices Sources Modern agricultural methods Use of fertilizers Pesticides Herbicide Weedicides Farm waste Debris Eroded soil containing inorganic chemicals Radioactive pollution : Radioactive pollution Sources Explosions of nuclear dusts Radioactive wastes Effects accumulates thereby creates soil pollution Typical examples of radioactive pollution : Typical examples of radioactive pollution Radio nuclides of Th, U, K,C Explosion of nuclear weapons Nuclear reactor wastes like Ru, I, Ba,La Cs etc., Effects Rain water carries the harmful wastes into the soil Nuclear wastes emits gamma radiations Slide 10: Biological Agents Source Human excreta Animal excreta Bird’s excreta Slide 11: CHARACTERISTICS OF UNTREATED WASTES OF CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES Slide 13: CONTROL OF SOIL POLLUTION Slide 14: CONTROL OF SOIL EROSION TREE PLANTING VARYING CROPPING METHODS SUBSTITUTING ANIMAL MANURES INSTEAD OF CHEMICAL MANURE Slide 15: 2. CONTROL OF UNWANTED MATERIALS PROPER DUMPING OF UNWANTED WASTES CONSTRUCTIONS CAN BE CARRIED OVER DUMPED FIELD OTHER METHODS TO CONTROL SOIL POLLUTION : OTHER METHODS TO CONTROL SOIL POLLUTION PRODUCTION OF NATURAL FERTILIZERS PROPER HYGIENIC CONDITION PUBLIC AWARENESS RECYCLING & REUSE OF WASTES BAN ON TOXIC CHEMICALS

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