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Published on December 6, 2009

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The Spanish Culture : The Spanish Culture By: Sammy Holman Ed 235 End Show Main Slide: Spanish Countries : Main Slide: Spanish Countries ~About me ~Resources End Show España: Spain : España: Spain Located in Europe Spain is one of the mother countries for the Spanish Country Is very unique in culture and language Known for Flamenco Music and dance, bullfights and awesome beaches with tons of sunshine A very artistic country End Show Argentina : Argentina Argentina is located in South America along the Atlantic Ocean in the South One third of the countries population live in the capital city: Buenos Aires Many indigenous people still live here Tango is the popular dance End Show Costa Rica : Costa Rica Located in Central America between the Caribbean sea and the Pacific Ocean Unique blend of culture because of the mix of Mestizos, Spanish decentes, indigenous Indians, Afro-caribeans, Asians, Europeans and North Americans. Enjoy horse parades, carnivals and bull fighting where the bull is never hurt End Show Bolivia : Bolivia Located in the middle of South America The culture has many Inca and other Indian influences The woman wear bowler hats like it is shown Zoos are a popular attraction Carnaval de Oruro is a famous celebrated holiday End Show Venezuela : Venezuela Venezuela is located in upper South America touching the Caribbean Sea Roman Catholicism is the dominate religion 25 indigenous tounges Visual arts and crafts are popular Music with the blend of European, African and indigenous rhythms are especially liked Empanadas are a typical custom for food End Show cuba : cuba An island in the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea The Cuban Revolution has greatly affected their culture through daily life Artistic presence through music and art End Show Chile : Chile Located in South America along the Pacific Ocean Chilean culture is more European in style Immigrants are receptive to the Spanish language High respect for human rights Well trained work force with high productivity End Show El Salvador : El Salvador Located in South America along the Pacific Ocean Many of the men(20-40 years old) learn English Only a few listen to the folk music Poetry is very popular and well known Famous dish is casamiento: a mixture of rice and beans End Show Colombia : Colombia Located in the north of South America Different roots and traditions of the Indians, Spanish and Africans have produced an interesting culture Especially in crafts, sculpture and music Mix of both African rhythms, Cuban salsa and heavily Spanish Andean music. End Show Honduras : Honduras Located in Central America next to the Caribbean Sea Wood Carving is a great skill used to make money As well as embroidery and textile arts There are many different religions that are taken part in End Show Guinea equatorial : Guinea equatorial Located in the Africa along the Gulf of Guinea Very proud of their tribal heritage and customs Each tribe has their own ethnicity and language, rituals and customs Only Spanish speaking country in Africa Many wooden masks as their form of art End Show Uruguay : Uruguay Located in South America below Brazil Cities have unique architecture, and a number of writers, artists and musicians People love the tango The culture of gaucho: the cowboys of South America Handcrafted leather goods End Show Dominican Republic : Dominican Republic Located on a island with Haiti in the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea The people, by nature are friendly and warm hearted Generally a poor country A very relaxed and low key feel End Show Puerto Rico : Puerto Rico Located in the Atlantic Ocean Tiano Culture-the slaves of Puerto Rico Rich and varied culture but unique “joy of living’” End Show Peru : Peru Located in South America along the Pacific Ocean One of the most diverse cultures in South America Many locals build their own instruments to play music They celebrate 3,000 festivals per year There are many indigenous people that live in the mountains End Show Paraguay : Paraguay The theater is very popular They have very European style of misc with the guitar and harp being popular instruments Polka and bottle dance: swing around with a jar on your head End Show Panama : Panama Located in Central America connecting to South America Notable races are Indians, Antillean Blacks, Guaymi and Cuna. Reggae music is very popular End Show Nicaragua : Nicaragua Located below Honduras between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean Birth of a creative, varied, happy and humorous culture Hospitality, goodness and friendliness are characteristics of the Nicaraguan people Each region has its own traditions but they all share on cultural identity which is dance. End Show Mexico : Mexico Located right under the United States The people are warm individuals with a incredible zest for life. Exchanging proper greetings is considered very important In the cities, many people speak English They are not big on personal space Family and Religion are central to their culture End Show Guatemala : Guatemala Located under Mexico Many Mayan Ruins and colonial buildings are the countries popular attractions. Handmade traditional clothing There are many Chinese restaurants End Show Ecuador : Ecuador Located in South America between the Pacific Ocean and Colombia Quichua-an Incan Language- is spoken by many Marimba music Music played a huge role in their lives in the past Can be easily distinguished by the men and woman's dress End Show About me: Sammy holman : About me: Sammy holman I am a second year student at Grand Valley State University and am majoring in Math and Spanish for Elementary Education. As our country keeps changing and becoming more diverse, having knowledge of Spanish will be very useful in the future of teaching. Feel free to email me any questions as [email protected]! Thanks! End Show resources : resources Pictures The information that I found for each country has a link on the page for further information End Show

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