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Published on August 7, 2009

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Slide 1: Starasia Components Limited #1506,Building # 4-97, Zhubang 2000, Balizhuang Xili, ChaoYang District, Beijing-100 025, PR China. Tel : +86 10 8586 7571 Fax: +86 10 8586 4725; Technology Transfer Proposal for Stainless Steel Profile Floor Panel (Trough floor) in Stainless Steel Sectional members (Sole Bar, Cant Rail, Waist Rail, Longitudinal Beam, Light Rail, Roof Panel, Side Sill, Key Stone Plate etc.) for Coaches / Wagons Railway Transport SystemVision 2025 Demand for Fast, Comfortable, Affordable, Energy Efficient & Sustainable : Railway Transport SystemVision 2025 Demand for Fast, Comfortable, Affordable, Energy Efficient & Sustainable Technologies Available To Meet Market Demand Stainless Steel Coach : Stainless Steel Coach “Over 50 years ago a noted Sheffield metallurgist, Harry Brearley, attempting to improve the life of gun barrels discovered that a steel containing 13% of chromium was resistant to etching by acids. This he called ‘stainless steel’. From this initial discovery many stainless steels have been evolved, suitable for service in a wide range of environments and at normal, cryogenic and elevated temperatures.” : “Over 50 years ago a noted Sheffield metallurgist, Harry Brearley, attempting to improve the life of gun barrels discovered that a steel containing 13% of chromium was resistant to etching by acids. This he called ‘stainless steel’. From this initial discovery many stainless steels have been evolved, suitable for service in a wide range of environments and at normal, cryogenic and elevated temperatures.” India stainless steel demand shines amid global gloom India’s stainless steel demand is expected to rise 8-9 percent in the current fiscal year and double in the next five years, as more of the alloy is used to make railway coaches and buildings, an industry official said. India’s buoyant demand contrasts with a gloomy global outlook, with the International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF) seeing little recovery in demand in 2008 from a year ago when rising prices of key raw materials forced production cuts. India, the world’s fifth-largest consumer of the material, consumes 1.5 million tonnes of stainless steel a year, about 70 percent for kitchenware, but its use in railway coaches, wagons, airports, hotels and retail stores is rising sharply. “If you have a 300,000-strong middle-class, they consume 10 kilograms each. So 3 million tonnes demand is foreseeable,” Demand from Indian Railways is set to soar to 140,000 tonnes over the year from the earlier annual usage of 25,000 tonnes as it produces lighter and cheaper to maintain rolling stock, while infrastructure projects would further lift consumption. The country’s demand forecast over the longer term is double the global projection of 5-6 percent annual growth, as India has a low per-capita consumption of stainless steel. India, which produced 1.66 million tonnes of stainless steel in 2007, will increase its annual production to 2-2.5 million tonnes in 4-5 years. Global stainless steel production fell 2.4 percent in 2007, compared with a jump of 16.6 percent the year before, according to data from the ISSF, which expects production to rise by 5 percent in 2010. INCREASING USE OF STAINLESS STEEL IN ROLLING STOCK APPLICATIONS : INCREASING USE OF STAINLESS STEEL IN ROLLING STOCK APPLICATIONS Slide 12: Roll-forms stainless steel sections for the structure of a train. Roll formed section: SS301LN/ ST dull-finished material for the body side of a train. Rolling process for wall section, grade in special temper, SS301LN - roll-formed parts of EMU train: cant rail cover, top wall and bottom wall panels. Structural components with roll-formed sections: corrugation nodes, pillars, cant rails, roof carline for the body structure of a train. Minimum mechanical properties of SS 301LN in the rolled direction for the required tempers. Slide 13: Due to high demand of SS Coaches in Railway Sector, India needs factories to manufacture a wide range of stainless steel roll-formed products for the structures of trains, such as roof assemblies, wall assemblies and under frame structures that are composed of: side sills, corrugation nodes, cant rails, seat rails, pillars, roof and wall panel sections, and other various profile shapes as per railway specifications. To become a leading global manufacturer of high-strength stainless steel roll-formed sections for single and double-deck car body structures for rolling stock, seat rails for the automobile industry and pre engineered building structures, there is need of Ultra Modern Factory equipped in the state-of-the art roll-forming machines for the high-strength profile sections. The roll forming machines lines consist of coil car and decoiler (20t), leveler and feeder, punching press, forming machine (30 stations), cutting machine, conveyor, auto stacker, and stretch-forming machine. Coil width: 1,260mm Coil weight: 20t Coil thickness: 0.5mm to 6.0mm for 301L or 304L stainless steel and 0.5mm to 10.0mm for mild steels Product length: 30,000mm long maximum Tensile strength (TS): maximum 980Mpa Slitting and shearing (cut to length): maximum 25mm thickness Press brake: maximum 20mm thickness, 6m long Laser works: maximum 20mm thickness Stainless Steel Profile Manufacturing Line : Stainless Steel Profile Manufacturing Line The Technology Provider : The Technology Provider SKH is a global supplier of roll-forming technology for stainless steel profile, stainless steel fabricated machinery and factory automatic production lines. The plants and machines are built according to each client’s requirement in terms of its capacity and production range. Over twenty years of experience is able to supply the most advanced production system for our customer’s successful business in this competitive atmospheres. SKH’s capabilities comprise: Pre feasibility Consulting Service Planning & Design Manufacturing Delivery Installation & Trail Run Training for client’s engineers After sales service Slide 16: Stainless Steel Profile Manufacturing Line LAY OUT We offers ‘HQRF’ roll-forming machinery line as below: Cold roll-forming machines for roofing, decking and wall panels Cold roll-forming machines for Cee, Zee, U-channels, seat rails, and other profiles according to a customer's specification PU and mineral wool insulated sandwich panel production lines Automatic door press and production lines Slitting and shear lines Stainless Steel Profile Manufacturing Line : Stainless Steel Profile Manufacturing Line SKH manufactures Cold Roll Forming Machine Lines for Steel fabricated industry as below: Deck Plate forming machine Roof forming machine Wall cladding forming machine Guard Rail forming machine Section Door production line C&Z purline line Other various section profiles: U, Hat, Omega, and others The line consists of: Coil Car (5 to 20 Ton) De-Coiler (5 to 20 Ton) Leveler & Feeder (Optional) Punching Press Roll Forming machine Cutting & Notching machine Conveyor Stacker Control Panel (Touch Screen) Cutting Mould Cassette Forming unit Cutting Machine Roll Forming Machine Entry Guide Decoiler & Coil Car Roll Forming Machine SKH’s “HQRF” ADVANTAGES : SKH’s “HQRF” ADVANTAGES SKH’s ‘HQRF’ High Quality Roll Forming process in which a strip of metal, usually in coil form, is continuously passed though a series of roller dies and progressively formed to the desired shape. In many cases ‘HQRF’ roll forming eliminates multiple stage production, sub-assembly and finishing operations. Any number of subassembly operation can be continuously combined in the ‘HQRF’ roll forming operation. Roll formed materials generally have a strength advantage over competing processes in structural rigidity applications. ‘HQRF’ Roll forming can achieve closer tolerances than are possible with most other competing processes. Uniformity throughout the part assures precision fit, simplifies production, speeds assembly and minimizes rejects. Cold roll formed shapes can offer superior surface finish. Sharp clean contours can be maintained. The absence of die marks on the material often eliminates the need for additional finishing. Almost unlimited length parts are possible. The only limitations on part length are dictated by material handling and shipping capabilities. Once the tooling is made, almost any length shape can be rolled economically. Many additional operations, such as punching, notching, welding and bending, that otherwise would have been performed as secondary operations can be incorporated into the ‘HQRF’ roll forming line, reducing handling and processing costs. Pre-punching inline allows holes or slots that cannot be done as a secondary operation because of their location or features of the part to be included in the shape Slide 19: SKH’s “HQRF” ADVANTAGES ‘HQRF’ Technology Manufacturing Range : ‘HQRF’ Technology Manufacturing Range SKH's HQRF technology produces various types of Stainless Steel Roll Formed sections and pressed sections for the body structure of a train. The major roll formed profile sections are : Side Sill (Inner & Outer) : SS301L MT 5.0mm, SS301L ST5.5mm, SS301L ST6.0mm, side sill, side sill assembly Roof Zee : SS301L MT 5.0mm Roof Hip : SS301L DLT 2.0mm Roof Purlin : SS301L ST 2.5T Roof Sheet : SS301L ST 1.2T (corrugation nodes) Cant Rail : SS304L SP 3.0T Cant Rail Cover : SS304L 1.2T Wall profile sheets : SS304L 1.6T Carline Outer sheet : SS301L DLT 1.85T Gondola Outer panel : SS301L DTL 1.58T Gondola Bottom panel : SS301L ST 1.5T Under Frame : SS301L ST 0.8T (Corrugated sheets) Door Header : SS301L MT 2.5T Cantrail Inner & Outer : SS301L MT 2.5T Side Wall Base Rail : SS301L MT 2.0T Roof Carline : SS301L ST 1.5T Pillars : SS301L ST 2.5T Gutters : SS301L DLT 1.85T Seat Rails : SS301L MT 2.0T Slide 21: major roll formed profile sections SKH’s Technological Advantages : SKH’s Technological Advantages SKH’s production lines are equipped with the state of the art technology (HQRF) to perform accuracy, productivity, and reliability for customized profile sections. The Roll Forming production lines consist of: 1. Coil Car (20 Ton) 2. De-Coiler (20 Ton) 3. Leveler & Feeder 4. Pre-Punching Press 5. Roll Forming machine (30 stages) 6. Cutting & Notching machine 7. Post-Punching machine 8. Conveyor 9. Stacker 10. Stretch Forming machine The lines are capable of processing materials with specification of : Coil Width: 30mm ~ 1250mm Coil Thickness: 0.3mm ~ 6.0mm for Stainless Steel 304L, 301L grade 0.3mm ~ 12mm for Mild steel Finished product length: 500mm to Unlimited, (it can be limited 30,000mm for only for sea transportation) Other services : Slitting: 6mm for CR coil, 12mm thickness for HR coil Shearing: 25mm thickness in 6 meter long Max. Press Brake: 16mm thickness in 6 meter long Max. Laser works: 20mm thickness in 6 meter long Max. Slide 23: SKH’s Technological Advantages Slide 24: SKH is a leading manufacturer of High Strength Stainless Steel Roll Formed sections for the Single & Double Deck Car Body structures for Rolling Stock Industry. The company has accumulated experience in not only Roll Forming but also designing and manufacturing tools: Forming Rolls and Mounds according to profile drawings. SKH engineering department helps a client acquire the ideal products by providing technical supports and assistance. SKH has supplied Stainless Steel Roll formed sections for several projects. SKH’s Technological Advantages INSPECTION PROCESS : INSPECTION PROCESS The equipments and Roll formed section are to be inspected to ensure compliance with the drawings and speciation. Inspection reports based on dimension are to be issued prior to its delivery. The Factory always welcomes the customer to inspect the equipments for completeness, suitability for use and compliance with requirements of the contract. Radius Measuring Jig Angle & Dimension Profile overview Jig for shape Height Angle Edge Corner section PACKING PROCESS : PACKING PROCESS All the finished sections should be packed in good commercial standard. Special steel framed packing is applied to Sea freight cargo to avoid any physical damage during shipment. 1. CLEAR FILM applied to surface of stainless steel 2. P.V.C FILM is attached on the top of clear film for the visible parts and dull finished surface 3. PE FILM is inserted between each sheet to avoid any scratches for the dull finished sections 4. WOOD SUPPORT BLOCKS are located at the bottom of each steel frame to keep structure shapes 5. STEEL BANDING applied on each pack to hold the stacked sections 6. OIL PAPER wraps the finished packs 7. TARPAULIN finally wraps the packs already covered by OIL PAPER. This packing system allows the products to be safe during transportation and storage period. This steel framed pack has also advantages on production period since it can separate each sections on the each steel framed boxes, and those can be recycled after completion of a project. Slide 27: PACKING Stainless Steel Profile Manufacturing Line : Stainless Steel Profile Manufacturing Line Projects Executed Slide 29: ‘HQRF’ Technology Manufacturing ProcessPlants Supplied Slide 30: ‘HQRF’ Technology Manufacturing ProcessPlants Supplied SKH also supply Manufacturing Pants for PEB Systems : SKH also supply Manufacturing Pants for PEB Systems Contact for further details #1506,Building # 4-97, Zhubang 2000, Balizhuang Xili, ChaoYang District, Beijing-100 025, PR China. Tel : +86 10 8586 7571 Fax: +86 10 8586 4725; Slide 32: SKH manufactures a complete Sandwich Panel production line to produce PU (Poly Urethane) and/or Mineral wool insulated panels for Roof and Wall included Overhead Door Panel. The advantage of sandwich panel is easy and quick installation for building construction while providing heat and cold resistance, and its economic solution. It applies to factory buildings, cold storage, clean rooms, and prefabricated building industry. The major parts PU & Mineral wool line consists of De-Coiling Profiling for Roof, Wall, Overhead Door shape Metering (4 components, option: 6 components, Made in Germany) Double Belt (20 meter to 30 meter, Made in Germany) Cross Cutter (Band Saw) Stacker and Turning conveyor Packing Conveyor Sandwich Panel production line PU LINE LAY OUT : PU LINE LAY OUT SS COACHES : SS COACHES RDSO’s APPROVED DESIGNES

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