State of The Telecom Industry- COVID-19

Information about State of The Telecom Industry- COVID-19

Published on April 29, 2020

Author: haboosh90



1. State of the Telecom Industry - COVID19 April 2020

2. During this ongoing crisis, the Telecom industry is evolving from being seen by the public as a nice-to-have to a must-have. The Internet will become an utility similar to water and electricity, leading to price regulations. Both demand and usage have been greatly impacted by: ● Entire educational systems moving online in the span of a few weeks. ● 80% of the Government and Private sectors working from home. How is COVID-19 Impacting The Telecom Industry

3. Driven by the objective to be part of the solution, a number of telecom operators in the MEA region are responding to the pandemic by directly supporting businesses, governments, individuals and households in dealing with COVID-19. Examples include: ● Saudi Arabia’s three main mobile network operators have agreed to waive bills in April for citizens and residents who remain under quarantine. ● Etisalat announced it will grant free access to businesses to use its online collaboration platform for 3 months. ● Zain KSA has allowed its users free browsing on educational platforms to facilitate distance learning in addition to governmental and health applications & websites. ● The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority in the UAE announced it has coordinated with Etisalat and du to grant free internet data via mobile phones to families without home internet services. What’s the Situation like in MEA?

4. Social Media Data Trends What’s Happening Now?

5. Companies are Decreasing their Advertising Budget A hidden opportunity for Telecom to increase Reach at lower costs

6. Cost per Click has Declined Telecom can now Maximise Social Media ROIs

7. Click-through Rate is Consistent Telecom can continue to evaluate their Ad content, creative and CTA

8. How Did COVID-19 Impact The Telecom Industry Social Media Performance In MEA?

9. Community Growth Does Telecom have a strategy to gain new followers? ● Looking at data from Q1 we noticed a steady growth across all social media platforms. All Facebook pages in this analysis experienced a huge drop in followers during the last weeks of February. However, numbers began to climb up in March. ● We believe the drop could be associated with the start of the COVID-19 lockdown in different parts of MEA in addition to a Facebook followers purge.

10. Content Production How is Telecom contributing to content creation? ● Content production fluctuated during Q1 2020 with a total of 335.05k posts published by 178 Telecom profiles across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. The most active platform was Twitter with 88.31% of all published content. ● COVID-19 related content began to increase end of February.

11. Interaction Growth How crisis has led to a spike in Interactions for Telecom? ● Overall interactions increased at a consistent rate with audiences mostly liking/reacting to content. While community size and number of content pieces spiked, engagement rate did not experience any considerable change.

12. Customer Service How can Telecom improve Response Time? ● During Q1 we can see an increase in the volume of comments together with a concerning sentiment of comments which was mainly negative. ● We have identified the top 2 negative comment topics: “Slow response time” & “Internet Issues”. “Slow Response” received the highest number of negative comments.

13. COVID-19 Content What performed well on Facebook? ● Telecom brands each approached the COVID-19 subject differently. The top 4 posts here discussed the topic as follows: the first 3 posts focused on the role of Telecom companies in supporting their customers while they stay at home. The last one was related to fundraising. STAY AT HOME FUNDRAISING

14. COVID-19 Content What performed well on Twitter? ● Telecom brands each approached the COVID-19 subject differently. The top 4 posts here discussed the topic as follows: the first 2 tweets focused on cashless payment for donations and transactions, with the third tweet focused on promoting a package and the last one being related to donations by the telecom operator. PROMOTING CASHLESS PAYMENTS SPECIAL BUSINESS PACKAGES DONATIONS

15. COVID-19 Content What performed well on Instagram? ● Telecom brands each approached the COVID-19 subject differently. The top 3 posts here discussed the topic as follows: the first 2 posts focused on promoting free packages & upgrades and the last one used influencers & artists to help promote the message of staying at home. FREE PACKAGES & UPGRADES STAY AT HOME

16. Content Inspiration What are Telecom brands posting about? Main Message ● Telecom brands approached the COVID-19 subject differently, but the main message was the safety of their customers. ● The top 3 posts here discussed the topic as follows: the first 2 posts focused on promoting free packages & upgrades and the third one used influencers & artists to help promote the message of staying at home. #STAYSAFE & STAY CONNECTED

17. Content Inspiration What are Telecom brands posting about? Other Messages FREE PACKAGES NETWORK NAME UPDATE SUPPORT MEDICAL SUPPORT

18. How can Socialbakers help Telecom with Social Media Performance?

19. COVID-19 Time Challenges Save time with Socialbakers! 1 Look A fterYourA udience Effortlessly m anage the increased volum e ofcom m ents and D M s. 2 ProtectYourB rand M onitoraudience sentim entand catch negative trends early. 3 Significantly B oost Engagem ent Boostengagem entand create content youraudience reacts to.

20. COVID-19 Content Opportunities We are here to Inspire you to create content that resonates! Tailor Your Content Personalize your content more deeply than ever with audience analysis and insights Create New Customers Convert audiences into customers using the right content at the right time Nurture Brand Trust Form closer ties with your audience, foster good sentiment, and grow your fan base 03 01 02

21. How To Achieve Your Business Goals? Empower your teams & Align your organization Interacting With Your Community How can you manage sudden peaks in incoming requests? Competitive & Performance Intel Get intel at your fingertips & Adjust your strategy! Collaborating & Creating Content Oversee 12 Million top brands content in a single place Picking the Right Influencers Bring the right advocates onboard v

22. Organize Your Community Feeds ● Sort comments by date and by number of followers (attend to influencers in a timely manner). ● Base your Community Reporting on categorising comments to understand the most pressing matters and most discussed topics in your audience. ● Save time by preparing FAQs regarding most asked questions.

23. Make Customer Feedback Actionable ● Understand the patterns of negative comments to prepare FAQs and report on issues. ● Understand the pattern for your competitors as well - it will give you an indication of the challenges they are facing, presenting an opportunity for your offering. ● Understand the positive comments to prepare better content for your audiences.

24. Pick The Right Influencers ● Use our Influencer module for vetting and picking the right influencers to promote your services. ● Look into brands they worked with in the past to ensure that they have not worked with competitors. ● Connect their Insights in Suite to understand their audiences - and report on their successes after your collaboration.

25. ● New Follower Growth: Use analytics to understand the reason behind the peaks of new followers gained and if they were triggered by an announcement or specific content. ● Ranking Against Competitors: Don’t get left behind! Get competitive insights with Content Hub and Analytics. Competitive & Performance Intel

26. Further Analyze Your Content ● Group your content using Rule Based Labeling. Label types to consider: products and packages, competitors, campaign names or hashtags. ● Sentiment Analysis: Use automated sentiment to track your follower satisfaction and discover your competitors most controversial content!

27. ● Find the new COVID-19 dashboard template in your account and use it to analyze your social media performance in light of the current situation. ● Use our clickable COVID-19 dashboard to look up the pieces of content that drove engagement peaks. COVID-19 Insights

28. Use Content Hub to Gain More Insight ● Find the most popular content, or any newsworthy trends in the industry. Track competitors and analyze their output. ● Once you find the top content, analyze it for patterns and themes. Use this information to create engaging content. ● Consider setting up saved searches based on relevant criteria - this will save you time in the long run. 1 3 2

29. Find Content Inspiration ● Get inspired by popular posts! You can search our database by industry, platform or country. ● You can further fine-tune your search by choosing keywords, media type or object recognition.

30. Create Collections ● Collect all inspiring content in one place. You can also upload your own content ideas from your device or Google Drive. ● Easily share and discuss ideas with your team, leave feedback and decide on further content strategy. ● Once you decide on your next post, Publish it from within collections to save your teams time and resources. 1 2 3

31. Thank You! Heba Al Nabulsi Social Media Consultant Barbara Németh Data Insights Analyst Dina Masri Onboarding Manager in/hebaalnabulsi in/dinamasriin/barbara-nemeth

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