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Published on August 1, 2014

Author: rmcheney



Role Models in the STEM World: Role Models in the STEM World Rachael Cheney, Emily Langdon, and Elle Milo Problem Statement: Problem Statement Future of Women in STEM Role Models for young women Female STEM – how they impact society How many women have you learned about in Science or Math? Cecilia Payne- Gaposchkin Discovered Hydrogen is the most abundant element on earth Research: Research Why STEM Fields Still Don't Draw More Women Do Female and Male Role Models Who Embody STEM Stereotypes Hinder Women’s Anticipated Success in STEM? Barriers to Women in Academic Science and Engineering Survey and Brochures: Survey and Brochures NCSU Facebook pages which were STEM based Surveys Created a Brochure that will be passed out to High School Students at the beginning of the School Year Our Generation’s Televised Role Models: Our Generation’s Televised Role Models ZOOM Bill Nye Discovery Kids Bones NOVA Myth Busters Survey Results: Survey Results All survey participants are enrolled in or graduated College: 48.53% of participants were female and 51.47% were male 57.89% said they had at least one role model who encouraged them to pursue STEM fields Several participants even had TV shows from their childhood that helped encourage them 50.94% said their STEM classes are mostly male, 20.75% said mostly female, and 28.3% said it was split evenly 88% of participants felt that women were under-represented in STEM fields 92% of participants have met at least one successful female in their STEM field Feedback From High School : Feedback From High School Unfortunately we were unable to meet with a high school group because most students are on summer vacation We did receive feedback from the High School’s principal: “This is a great idea, I cannot wait for school to start. I plan on making a day just to encourage students into STEM and bring in females and males from these fields to talk with my students. Thank you.” Conclusions and Recommendations: Conclusions and Recommendations Conclusions Role Models do influence young adults Most people that we surveyed were aware of women underrepresentation in STEM fields Most people had encountered a successful STEM woman Recommendations More STEM involved children’s programs catered towards both boys and girls Send a survey out to High School Students to see how they feel about women in STEM REFERENCES: REFERENCES Cheryan , S., Siy , J. O., Vichayapai , M., Drury, B. J., & Kim, S. (2011). Do female and male role models who embody stem stereotypes hinder women’s anticipated success in stem? Social Psychological and Personality Science , 2 (6), 656-664. doi:10.1177/1948550611405218 Cutler, D. (2012). Why stem fields still don't draw more women. The Chronicle of Higher Education . Retrieved from Etzkowitz , H., Kemelgor , C., Neuschatz , M., & Uzzi , B. (1994). Barriers to women in academic science and engineering. Who will do science? educating the next generation. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press. Retrieved from Horn, D. (1998). The shoulders of giants. Science , 280 (5368), 1354-1355. Retrieved from

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