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Published on September 11, 2019

Author: Bischulze



1. Step-by-step instructions: How to redirect your e-mail-address How to install the redirecting of your personal e-mail adresse to your local e-mail box.

2. Please open your browser Firefox Internetexplorer Edge Google Chrome

3. Enter the following address in the address bar of your browser: and confirm it.

4. The Outlook Web Access opens. Please enter your username (TU-ID) and password.

5. The user name is your TU- ID. The password is your TU-ID password.

6. By confirming your login data you get access to your personal central mail box.

7. Please click on the “setting wheel” in the upper right corner.

8. A dropdown menu will open.

9. Click on the bottom menu item: "Options“

10. In the options you can manage the settings of your personal mailbox.

11. Click on the small mail arrow. A submenu will open.

12. Now click on “inbox and sweep rules”

13. Click on the plus sign to create a new forwarding rule. Name your redirecting rule: e.g. “redirect to NAME from HRZ".

14. Click on the drop down menu below the text: “If the message arrives and matches all of these conditions...” You are given various options to choose from. We recommend the rule: “[Apply to all messages.]“

15. Click the “do all of the following” drop-down menu. Select "Forward, redirect or send." and in the following to "Forward message to..."

16. Enter behind the field "Forward message to ...“ your complete e-mail address to which you want to redirect all incoming e-mails. This is your current e-mail address: e.g. ff[email protected]

17. Due to data protection reasons you are only allowed to redirect to an @*** e-mail-adress.

18. Please save your settings.

19. All incoming e-mails referring to your central e- mail address will be stored in this mailbox. The incoming e-mails are redirected to the address you have entered, but will not be deleted from this mailbox. If the mailbox size of 2.5 GB is reached, no more e-mails can be delivered or forwarded. It is therefore important to make the following setting.

20. In this step you specify that the mails are going to be deleted from your @tu- mailbox. This setting prevents that your mailbox will be overflown and no more mails can be delivered to you. Please click on the menu button "Add action".

21. Choose the following command from the dropdown menu: "Move, copy or delete" and then "Delete message".

22. This step ensures that all incoming e-mails are forwarded to the e-mail address you have provided and will be deleted in the @tu- mailbox. Save the settings you have made using the “ok-button” in the upper left corner.

23. Please check the settings you have made in the overview. The setup of the redirecting is now complete.

24. Please click on “sign out” from your mailbox. You can get back at any time with your TU-ID and your TU- ID password.

25. Please perform a test. Send a test message to your e-mail address. If you receive the e-mail in your redirected mailbox, you have done everything right. If the test e-mail does not reach your redirected mailbox, please check the spelling of the redirecting- e-mail-address again. There may be a typo.

26. For further information please contact: HRZ-Service +49 6151 16-71 112

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