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Published on March 11, 2014

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Stop Making Cancer: Stop Making Cancer Brought to You by T he Team at An Oasis of Healing Objectives: Objectives Over the next 20 minutes, you can expect to: Discover the difference between finding ‘cures’ and treating root causes of diseases Learn about processing, preservatives, hidden ingredients, and GMO’s Explore the concept of ‘dead foods’ and what it means for your body Pick up tips and ideas for a healthy diet When We Hear the Word… : When We Hear the Word… In America, many people’s first reaction is, “ What are my options for treatment?” The question not often asked is, “ How do I need to change my diet and lifestyle?” C A N C E R “Cure” is a Misleading Term: “Cure” is a Misleading Term You may have learned that everything that happens to you is a result of things from the outside- someone or something else did this to us. One of the most important aspects of building health in the body is to realize that for our body to heal we need to give it the right foods we were designed to eat that give us energy and provide the raw materials needed to repair and regenerate . The Case of Heartburn: The Case of Heartburn WHAT WE’RE TAUGHT: Take antacids to relieve the symptoms of heartburn. React to or ‘cure’ the problem. WHAT REALLY WORKS: Analyze what caused the body to overproduce acid in the first place and address these issues. Undo “Imbalance Causing Actions”: Undo “Imbalance Causing Actions” Any disease can be thought of like the case of heartburn. We must analyze what we are doing to our body to cause the disease and stop doing it if we want to heal.   For cancer, radical changes must be made to reverse the measures the body will take to survive, or the cancer will continue to grow out of control. Analyze What You Put into Your Body: Analyze What You Put into Your Body When we take the time to experience how convenience foods and products we use in and on our body affect us, we will start learning what humans were really designed to tolerate.  Consider: Now’s the Time to Switch Your Diet: Now’s the Time to Switch Your Diet Move from convenience foods to a diet that is: Filled with nutrients (not heated above 118 degrees) Enzyme filled (life force energy) O rganic  (pesticide free) GMO free (genetically modified organisms) Free from all of the improper ingredients added to our food supply, such as preservatives and mislabeled ingredients like  MSG But Won’t This be Expensive & Time Consuming?: But Won’t This be Expensive & Time Consuming? W ill it not become expensive when you no longer can work and require very expensive treatments and then your insurance drops you? The average American will pay out over $ 350,000 to end up with a poor quality of life, and then die from the cancer or the side effects from conventional cancer treatments (cut, slash, burn ). Adopt a Positive Mindset: Adopt a Positive Mindset The first key in the  An Oasis of Healing Diet for Cancer Patients is to shift your thinking from “have to” to “want to.” A simple mantra for your day with regards to food is, “ What can I add to my diet today that gives my body what it needs to heal and be healthy ? ” Forget the negative language. That’s part of what got you here in the first place. Smoothies: A Simple Solution!: Smoothies: A Simple Solution! A simple tasty solution that can get you moving in the right direction quickly are smoothies. All you need are some low glycemic fruits, a few veggies, some tender greens, a blender, some water, and you are set! Apple-Kale-Lemon Smoothie 1 Apple   Juice of ½ Lemon 2 Cups Kale Leaves Filtered Water  Blend all ingredients in a high speed blender with 2 cups water to start. Add more water to create the thickness you like. Add ice as needed . Building Off Your Base: Building Off Your Base Work with this smoothie recipe as a base for many variations. Remember to stick with low glycemic fruits and veggies like: Green apples (not red apples) Any berries (no banana or mangoes) Broccoli  (not beets) Any lettuces (no carrots) Celery Fennel Cucumber Also try sweetener alternatives (Stevia , Lucuma , and Yacon syrup) and different nuts and seeds (raw and soaked - not roasted, salted, or boiled) Why is Processing So Bad? Watch an Apple: Why is Processing So Bad? Watch an Apple Cut open an apple and let it set on your counter for about 10 minutes. What happens? The inside white portion starts to turn brown. This is the ‘oxidation’ process. If we leave the apple there it will eventually completely breakdown and rot. If we left the apple whole it would take much longer for this process to happen. When our food that we buy from the store in bags and boxes goes through manufacturing procedures, it is exposed to oxygen to a greater degree than making it at home and eating it right away . Why Are Preservatives Bad?: Why Are Preservatives Bad? You’d naturally think that if processing exposes the food to oxygen causing it to decay faster then why not use preservatives. However , in our big manufacturing day and age, we are always looking to save money to increase profits. At one time we did use natures supply of preservatives like lemon juice and salt . Nowadays we are using  synthetic alternatives  because they cost less and store longer, but the price we pay is with our health . What Do You Mean by ‘Hidden Ingredients?’: What Do You Mean by ‘Hidden Ingredients?’ We all have heard about MSG and its ill effects on our health. T here are loopholes for ingredients like this that allow manufacturers to still include it in our food. ‘Natural flavors.’ MSG is a known addictive substance, and we have built a cheap food empire in America to support addictions to pleasure. It’s true that MSG can be found in nature, but within a whole plant food that contains many necessary components that work synergistically  to make it work for the body. Other ways ingredients are hidden in our food just happened recently. One of the big fast food chains got caught adding horse meat to their burgers ! Why Is It So Bad to Eat GMO Containing Foods?: Why Is It So Bad to Eat GMO Containing Foods? GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms.  They are produced in laboratories. GMO’s entered our food supply in the mid-1990’s. Effects seem to include an increase in food allergies and reactions, infertility, and immune problems; accelerated aging; faulty insulin regulation; and changes in major organs and gastrointestinal system. These are foods you most want to ensure are NON-GMO and how much of our U.S. crop yields are GMO: S oy (94 %) C otton (90 %) C anola (90 %) S ugar beets (95 %) C orn (88 %) Hawaiian papaya (more than 50 %) Z ucchini and yellow squash (over 24,000 acres ) What are ‘Dead Foods’?: What are ‘Dead Foods’? The definition of ‘dead’ for our food means that it no longer contains any enzymes and most of the nutrients are destroyed. Chemicals and enzymes in our food tell our bodies how to properly process it. T his combination allows our body to completely digest and extract nutrients with minimal stress, minimal usage of our own supply of enzymes, and minimal wear and tear on our body. When enzymes and chemical signals are not present, the immune system is activated to check out what the stuff is that just entered the body.  The more we trigger the immune system the more stress we put on our body, and the closer and closer we come to manifesting  disease in our body . More on ‘Dead Foods’: More on ‘Dead Foods’ When we heat our food over 118 degrees (the temperature at which enzymes permanently lose their shape), the majority of the nutrients, all vitamins, all Omega-3’s, and pretty much everything you need to properly function is destroyed. We become weaker by not supplying the best food ever for our body, and the aging process speeds up. Another way to name this is nutritional deficiencies and toxicity. That is the real name of the aging process. Eating for Optimal Functioning: Eating for Optimal Functioning The second key to An Oasis for Healing Diet for Cancer Patients is to shift your mental programming from eating for pleasure to eating for Optimal Functioning .   Continue with the simple mantra, “What can I add to my diet today to give my body what it needs to heal and be healthy?” The typical American sticks with about 16 foods in their lifetime- with a plant-based diet, we have access to HUNDREDS of food options from around the world! Plant-Based Live-Food Soups: Plant-Based Live-Food Soups Savory plant-based live-food soups are a wonderful addition to your weekly routine! And this recipe is super simple! All you need are some low glycemic fruits, a few veggies, a few tasty herbs and spices, some tender greens, a blender, some water, and you are set! Just Peas A’ La Oasis ¾ container of ‘Just Peas’ or 2 cups frozen peas 1 stalk of celery 1 clove garlic ½- 1 tsp Himalayan, Celtic, or any unprocessed sea salt 1-2 cups of purified water (do not use tap water) Blend all ingredients in a high speed blender for 1-2 minutes with 1 cup water to start. Add more water as desired. Add toppings for texture like sprouts, sprouted sunflower seeds, peas , avocado, Udo’s oil, etc . Want to Learn More? (480) 834-5414: Want to Learn More? (480) 834-5414

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