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Published on July 29, 2014

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Stopping Tsunami : Stopping Tsunami Tsunami can be controlled considerably by the very principle by which inverting, diverting and collapsing tsunami‚Äôs force against tsunami with typical exclusive infrastructure. The only way to stop Tsunami is by nullifying the flood back effect since we could not stop the earth quake. TSUNAMI FACT: TSUNAMI FACT Everyone knows that the earth quake happening under sea is the sole reason behind Tsunami; as a matter of fact it is true. Drawback Effect: Drawback Effect The earth quake causing such tsunami measuring up to 9 or even up to 10 in Richter values, will lead to a bigger drawback of water for some time on the shore side, when the earth quake happened near the shore. Flood back Effect: Flood back Effect At the same time on the opposite water side it will push the large water body to raise its level very high keeping the draw back on the shore side more than hours. When the pushed up water body on the water side comes back to the normal level, it will flood back again on the shore side drastically. If the opposite water hit a big size rock, it could repeat the same flooding back effect again and again for 3 or 4 times. Zero Effect: Zero Effect When the centre point of the earth quake is very near to shore for a Richter measuring 5 or 6 could not raise the water level of the water side so high towards a flooding back effect on the shore side. This could not even lead to a bigger drawback of water. Promulgator : Promulgator T Athavasingh [email protected] 5/9 Church Street, Adayal Mudalur (Po) Sattankula (TK), Tuticorin District - 628702 Tamil Nadu, India

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