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Published on June 7, 2016

Author: godatadriven



1. Kickstart your Data Science Practice with the Data Science Suite Strata Hadoop World London June 2, 2016 – Walter van der Scheer

2. OUR STORY Founded in 2009 Team of 25 Passionate Data Engineers and Data Scientists Based in Amsterdam

3. Clients E-commerce and Retail Travel & Leisure Financial Services

4. First Cloudera Partner Outside of the United States

5. Becoming a DataDriven Enterprise

6. The Wind of Change is Increasing

7. Every Organization is in the Information Business

8. Data and Technology are Available

9. The DataDriven Enterprise Data and Technology are Essential and Available. At the End of Day Being Successful is all About People Working Together. Doing the Right Things at the Right Time.

10. We Need More Data Scientists….!

11. Data Science Suite

12. Digital transformation to become the best digital airport First European implementation of Cloudera CDH on Microsoft’s cloud hosting platform Azure

13. Schiphol Group “Data Science Suite Enabled us to Kickstart our Lab to Improve the Efficiency of our Operations.” Diederik Meijerink, Team-Lead Data Innovation Lab

14. Data Science Suite Benefits 1. Fully Managed Platform 2. One-Stop Shop 3. Quick Deployment 4. No Large, Upfront Investments 5. Continuous Availability 6. Always Up-to-Date 7. Security and Privacy

15. Other products Data Science Box Data Science-as-a-Service Data Science Accelerator Program Unique Combination of Lectures and Hackathons That Takes the Skills of Data Scientists to the Next Level

16. Thank you. Questions? PS: We are hiring. Walter van der Scheer Chief Marketing [email protected] @wvanderscheer

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