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Published on June 5, 2010

Author: aSGuest47454



Strategic Planning : Strategic Planning Objectives : Objectives Understand The dynamics of leading and planning in a nonprofit Become Familiar With: Strategic Governance Leadership Aspects Nonprofit Life Cycle Openness Know: Board Role Act Apply Learning to Realty Slide 3: Vision Strategic Fiduciary Modes Generative Permanent Whitewater : Permanent Whitewater Darwin’s Advice : Darwin’s Advice Relying on History : Relying on History When Some Boards Plan : When Some Boards Plan Strategic Mode : Strategic Mode The Plan…or the planning : The Plan…or the planning Hurtling into the Future : Hurtling into the Future Data Gathering : Data Gathering What Do You See? : What Do You See? Misinterpreting the Data : Misinterpreting the Data Interpreting the Future : Interpreting the Future Focus On Strengths : Focus On Strengths Internal View : Internal View External View : External View Putting the Plan Together : Putting the Plan Together Strategies are SMART : Strategies are SMART Causes of Failure : Causes of Failure Pitfalls of Going it Alone : Pitfalls of Going it Alone Knowing When to Plan : Knowing When to Plan Rule: “Nature” Bats Last : Rule: “Nature” Bats Last Now What? : Now What? Watching the Skies : Watching the Skies Design Your Dashboard : Design Your Dashboard Nonprofit Transparency : Nonprofit Transparency Nonprofit Lifecycles : Nonprofit Lifecycles Board Focus Over Time : Board Focus Over Time $ Fundraising Actual Mission Work Planning Focus Founding Governing Mature Life Cycle Stages : Life Cycle Stages Bureaucracy Aristocratic Complacent Adolescent Prime Toddler Infant Skills: Same and Different : Skills: Same and Different Practice, Practice, Practice : Practice, Practice, Practice Imagined Boundaries : Imagined Boundaries Road Ahead : Road Ahead

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