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Published on August 5, 2014

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Stuart Millheiser Founder at ALS Guardian Angels Foundation : Stuart Millheiser Founder at ALS Guardian Angels Foundation Stuart Millheiser , founder of ALS Guardian Angels, is The Montage Everyday Hero for April. A resident of San Juan Capistrano, Stuart Millheiser founded ALS Guardian Angels in 2007 to help patients suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, ALS, and their families. Popularly referred to as Lou Gehrig's disease for the famous baseball player whose life was ended by it, the disease attacks the nerves that direct most muscles, eventually completely paralyzing the patient. The long illness is expensive, debilitating people financially as much as it does physically. Operating his charity out of his dining room with one volunteer, Stuart Millheiser has helped hundreds of people devastated by this illness by providing everything from medical equipment to support for basic living expenses. Stuart Millheiser story was featured in the "Everyday Heroes" column running every Monday in the Local section of the Register. For his tireless efforts to help others as close as his neighborhood and as far away as Brazil and Ukraine, Stuart Millheiser will receive a two-night stay at the luxury beachfront hotel, Montage Laguna Beach. The latest survey shows that men are more prone to catch it than women. Unfortunately medicines can only relieve symptoms and can prolong the survival of the patient. The early symptoms are shown in hand and arms muscles and patient experience difficulty with simple tasks like buttoning a shirt or turning a key. Some patients start experiencing speech troubles in the beginning. ALS patients become dependent and this is their biggest anxiety. Many children lose their mother as she cannot help them now and even old parents are abandoned sometimes due to their ALS disease. Stuart Millheiser has helped millions of people suffering from this illness physically and financially. He became a hero in a real sense for these ALS patients. Stuart Millheiser story was also featured in the “Everyday Heroes” column. He has given a lesson of humanity and charity to so many people by helping people around the world. Surely he has won the hearts of billions by doing such a noble service.

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